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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Every weekday morning for the last eighteen months or so, I've been waiting for my wife to go to work, watching our neighbors mom drive off to work, holding off for ten minutes, then walking through the back to her house. Already waiting for me will be Jack who's now nineteen. Usually nowadays he'll already be naked and prepared, which means if and it usually is, my cock is erect, I'll slide down my shorts and drive my cock straight up his young tight asshole.
    I fuck him bareback now, but used to have to wear a condom until we both got checked out. That was after fucking him for the first time at a barbecue we held for my fortieth. It was he who came onto me and I refused his advances then. However the following day with his mom out, I called by his house and we ended up having sex on their kitchen floor sucking on one another's cocks. I didn't fuck him that first time, but we both tasted each others cum loads and it kind of went from there. I do occasionally get to fuck him at the weekends, depending on my wife playing golf and his mom being out somewhere, but mostly I fuck his cute asshole before I have to drive off to work. For a geeky kid, he sure likes to be fucked a lot, and I'm only too happy these days to give it to him.

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    Lucky guy. Iâm 56 and a 19 year old that lives down the street from me comes by a few times a week for sex. He responded to my Craigslist ad. My wife doesnât want sex anymore so I decided to find an asshole to use.

    I was so surprised how tight this 19 year old is! And his body is completely hair free. Nice 6â cock and love that he wears tighty whities. Heâs a shy computer geek kid that goes to the local college. I didnât get to pop his cherry as he already had sex before me but my 6â dick is thick so I had to get him stretched open for me.

    His mom was away last weekend so he texted me to tell me to drop by anytime Saturday. I went over around noon. He answered the fort in just his tighty whities and had me follow him to his room. I got down to just my briefs as he went to the bathroom. Fucked him good that afternoon. His ass is way tighter than my wifeâs ever was. Plus having sex with him means I donât have to masturbate anymore which Iâm happy about
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    That's cool! My neighbor noticed some boy's sneaking in and out of my bedroom window and figured he'd get a taste of my boy's ass too. After getting fucked by an older boy that noticed my cute feminine side when I was in grade school. He looked up my shorts and noticed I had my sister's panties on. I reluctantly agreed to my first bottoms up deflowering to keep my secret. I was soon to be enjoyed by a few boys. Enjoying them as much after being broken in gently, I never said no.
    I also couldn't say no to my neighbor's forty-one year old cock. I was broken in all over again.
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    #1 - Hey Mr Tighty-whities, don't you have anything more interesting to do than post BS in the comments section all the time?

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