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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 49

    I live in an apartment and the "lady" upstairs is a hot big titted black woman in her mid 40's. I don't know much about her but that she is a school teacher, devorced, black, thick, has massive tits i could gawk at all day. I am a white married man who gets up for work at 5:30 am before everyone in my family . I sit on the couch drinking my coffee and several times a week listen to the lady up stairs above me on her couch fucking someone (she is not married or dating). I stroke my cock listening too that fat big titted bitch take it like a champ and fuck her brains out. And man does she like to fuck hard. In these cheap apartments you can hear alot if you are awake at the right time.

    Whoever she fucks, a few times a week, knocks at her door lightly around 530 am and they talk very briefly then fuck on her couch right above me right inside her door. I assume he is a married man who swings by for a quicky before work as he never stays, and there seems like no romance, and just stops by and fucks her. She fucks hard and is not shy with flithy sexual talk and while muffled and hard to make out on a good day I can hear her asking "Daddy" to fuck her "dirty little black box" and to, "tear it up," give her that "not to waste it that seed and to cum right up her pussy" and she promises him to never tell anyone he does this with her. I often here he use the work "secret" and once i thought i heard, "she has no idea."

    I whack listening and also have trained myself to cum about in rhythm with her. I have even planned to leave my apartment when she does so i can see her in the hallway at the maailboxs knowing she has someone cum in her c**t and I whacked off listening her screw. She is hot, not really pretty though, more black hot, big tittied, fat bubble ass, thick, kinda cleaned up ghetto looking. I love chit chat with her at the mailboxes knowing she is full of cum.

    I am faithfully married, never cheated all these years, other then beat-it to porn in dry spots, but i am desperately working on trying to become on of the guys who come by her apartment in the morning. She clearly keeps secrets. I love my wife, this is not anything more the lust, i just know if i got a chance i'd not say no too. I am not interested in an emotional affair i just long to be one of the Daddies who stop but and take that fat assed big titted N-word Ho and cum up that "dirty little black box!" I wish or hope i can make it happen. If not i keep listening and whacking off that that divorced fat little school teacher secret slut.

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    Slide a little note under her door (not in your hand writing or on incriminating paper) when you know she is not home that says "I can hear you and it turns me on so much. God I want some too." If she is upset by your note she will never know you left it. Don't put a name or apartment number on it. Don't use colored paper or anything that your wife could identify. Just plain paper and ideally type the message. Don't save a copy of the message on your computer. If she is intrigued she may initiate a conversation with you at the mailboxes or coming and going. If she asks you, "Did you leave me a note?" Say, "That depends. Did you like the note?" Good luck!
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    Comment number sounds like he really knows how to cheat. That sounds like experience i never dreamed i'd ever cheat on my wife but i am so in lust i have to try, I am writing note. I want to suck those big black tits and slap that fat ass as she rides me.
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    Much too close to home for your situation, man. Take a pass and shift your focus. Willing women of all sizes and ages are waiting for you right now.
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    I used to get blowjobs from a black girl at a motel. She was divorced, kind of thick and a really nice person. She knew I was married but asked if she could suck my cock with no strings attached. She sucked me off several times (anytime I stayed at the motel). We never fucked but I did lick her pussy a few times and sucked her big black titties often. Great memories.
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    For those following this story I am the original poster. I got it! I fucking got it! I got that fucking tight black pussy twice now! i did basically the way #1 suggested and she was totally game. She is divorced does not want a relationship and just wants some NSA dick. She is game as long as it it kept just sex with nothing else. She may appear to be cleaned up proper teacher but if you get her behind that door and she is total gehtto ball sucking, slut talking dirty black ho. Her tits are not just massive they are beautiful and I love pulling on them and watching the sway while she fucks. She takes real pride in completely draining my ball!
    I thought i'd fell guilty cheating but i don't. In over 17 years of marriage this is my first cheat but this is nothing like making love to my wife. There is no love, i am little just doing this bitch. It is like living a porn. It is so fun! i love this!
    Thank you #1 for you help!

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