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    Straight Male / 39

    Feeling Guilty

    I am a married man with a daughter, some mornings at weekend she gets in bed with us even though she is not a child, she is a dads girl and always gets in on my side, when she slides down her nightie rides up past her waist so her bare bottom is in my lap, I know I shouldn't have looked, on the last morning, we fell asleep when I awoke I had a full erection sticking out of my pyjamas with my dick and balls against her bare back I didn't know what to do, I admit I was enjoying the feeling of it, I wasn't sure if she was awake, I left it there for a while feeling guilty, eventually I turned over, next day I told my wife waiting for her to call me filthy names but she didn't she said I had done it to her in my sleep many times humping her and occasionally I had penetrated her vagina, I said what if I had done it to our daughter could it have happened, she said I don't know it wouldn't have been your fault, could it have happened,

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    What would your wife said if you had sex with your daughter in your sleep, what then
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    Your wife is being mature & intelligent regarding the scenario you presented. Nature will take its course. What you need to do is get your bearings about you in order to fully enjoy the oppurtunities your daughter presents you with.
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    You don't appear to be mentally stable for a man. I hope nature can straighten you out. You clearly have a BRIGHT green light from your spouse as well as your appealing daughter.

    Can't you just imagine yourself as a power hitter facing a 3-0 hanging curveball?? If you don't try to drive it into the outfield bleachers, you need a therapist major.

    I find it amazingly sad when a man is ignorant to having good fortune or in this case a blessing, land in his lap figuratively AND literally. That man would be you.
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    I must admit I have enjoyed having my daughters bare bottom in my lap, I tried not to get excited about it but couldent stop it, I know I am a very bad dad
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    I often hump my 9-year-old daughter in her sleep. I hump her slowly and gently so that she seldom wakes up. If she does wake up, I take my cock out of her.I begin humping her again when she drifts back into sleep. My wife had taken her virginity with her finger when she was 4 years old, so I had no problem getting my cock up her the first time I fucked her.

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