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    Gay Male / 24

    I say life threw me where I am. I got a job that on paper had everything I wanted. A promotion, a respected company, more money. What I did not expect was a Greek boss with a cock that he expected me to suck. When you are gay and you don't want to accept it, and your Greek boss grabs you in a hammer lock and unzips his pants and shows you his cock, your insides get all torn up. The pain of his hammer lock, knowing that he is going to win and you are going to suck his cock. Wanting but not admitting that you want to suck his cock. The pain of his hammer lock on your neck, he is jacking off and his cock is hard and he is bending you down and your head is on his belly and his cock is there and you start crying and you start sucking his cock and you are wiping away your tears and you suck his cock because right then it is what you want to do.

    The embarrassment of having cried in his office. I never had the hammer lock again, and I never cried again. I did suck his cock again. And I did go with him on a site audit. And I did become totally gay with him. I am totally gay with him.

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