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    Straight Female / 27

    I work for a small multilingual company (Which spec****se in train repairs) and comprised of eight employees I am the only female working here in administration and mostly the building is empty the managers are normally out for the day and the maintenance is normally out on jobs.

    We had a new employee start around 4 months ago he now works int he same office with me across the room in sales and marketing, He is around 16-17 and an Intern. I'm going to keep this short has I can, but I used to wear trousers and knee length pencil skirts into and I would sometimes wear a mini skirt with black heels If I was too meet a new contractor or client for the company but would keep these in my work locker away from my fiancé at home.

    Last mouth I started to wear my shorter skirts to while management would not be in and I have seen our Intern looking every now and again so I started wearing my mini skirt and fishnets just to tease him, He started asking what I am doing weekends and after work and even tried to add me to Facebook not sure why I'm doing this but i like the frill.

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