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    Lesbian Female / 29

    My extended family was very well to do. We were in selective schools and were pretty much isolated from most people. We were a family of few kids. My closest cousin was a tiny bit older, a boy, and puberty flooded him with male hormones. He was all boy.

    I was fourteen and back from school, we wore large skirts, and why he wanted to see under my skirt he wouldn't say. But I had to raise my skirt above my waist, he touched me gently with his fingers and then started to pull my panties down. I complained with my panties half way down my thighs, my legs crossed. He spoke to me in a raised voice, very authoritive, if I didn't show him then who would? The maid?

    He finished getting my panties off, my skirt off, my shoes off, his eyes were big, he pulled me closer by holding my hips. He told me that this boy at school had told him that boys kissed girls on their sex. He gently kissed me, after a minute I was sitting on the sofa, my legs were open and he was just lost in lust. When he stood up and lowered his pants and laid me back I took him in my arms and we had intercourse. It was pleasure, I had masturbated, private school girls share masturbation secrets, but this was unbelievably better.

    We never stopped. My upstairs maid figured it out and she took charge of me and she got me on birth control. She cleaned up, made up the bed midafternoon, smuggled stained sheets, uniform shirts and skirts, underwear, to the laundry. She was a teacher and coach, who knew that you could be screwed by crawling on your hands and knees? Who knew that boys would go into a trance if you suckled their penis? Who knew that your maid was in love with you and she would do anything to make you happy? Who knew that she was only twenty two?

    Who knew that she would bathe you? Who knew that under her large shirt she had the most amazing breasts a teen girl would see? Who knew that her kiss would be so sweet, her lips so soft, her cheeks so smooth? who knew that in spite of being you cousin's lover, you were a lesbian girl? Who knew?

    Fourtee n was a most amazing year of my life, my year of coming to life as a woman, of enjoying my body with my cousin and then enjoying my body with my maid. My cousin resigned himself to his loss and ran interference for me when I needed time alone with my maid.

    I moved on in life, and moved far away from where I grew up, my maid came with me, to take care of me, to pamper me, to love me. My cousin went on to have his family, to grow into the family business, to make excuses for me, to watch over me, to help me find a place where I could live and be in love with a woman that loves you too.

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    Oh fuck that's hot. That's why I love young rich girls.
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    amazing, good girl.

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