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    Straight Male / 42

    I recently had a fairly invasive, painful surgery that laid me up for a few weeks. Post-op pain still a daily thing. As a result, however, my hot older sister, who's body was always fit and sexy, has been contacting me very often to check in on me and "see if I need anything". As she's also no stranger to showing off her body, I made a request as I laid on the couch one evening.

    "Not great" I replied to her how's the pain question. "Enough 'bout me, how you doing? Haven't seen you in a bit..Nails done?" I asked, since her 2" long, always polished nails are our thing. She responds with "Good", and a few other comments, and a pic of her freshly-done, burgundy-wine nails.

    "Look great! Hot!" I texted back regarding her nails. That's when I thought..Already have her sending pics..First the killer sexy nails, now..See how far she'll go. I'm in pain, and this is fun. Get a little sympathy skin going on with her.

    We traded a few fun comments, and I asked to see her long nails again, to her body. As in, lift up her shirt and take a pic of those nails against your tummy and tits. At first, she replied with "Lol!", but then..I got my pic. She'd picked her thin shirt up, posed her nails against her tummy, and teasingly tugged on her bra, showing near-full tits. Now, she had me needing a full shot.

    "I'm in pain here..Would feel better if you...Let those babies out" I texted in return, curious if she'd do it but thinking yes.

    "You're lucky I'm taking a shower soon, hun...Fine, give me a minute to take it off...You're a perv, but I love that you still want me!" she replied. Bingo..I knew if she'd send me topless, she'd go nude next.

    The topless selfie comes through. She'd been fully naked, but, the tease that she is, only took pic of her top half, bare tits uncovered and wide smile on her beautiful face. Four more followed, including one of her squeezing her tits together. That one was very hot.

    Last shot, I asked, directly..Give me fully nude. It's only me here, nobody else sees. Just have such a hot body and I need to see.

    Without hesitation, after a few minutes waiting, I received five full nudes in a row, first the top half again, then bottom, tightly-trimmed mound and tanned legs, then two with her legs opened as she sat on the table, long nails atop her mound.

    I thanked her about five times, reassured her they were only for me, and they made me feel much better. She told me "I bet!", and said would try to do more if I wanted her to. Told me it's fun for her, and makes her feel sexy to know I still desire her body like I do.

    May have her drive to me and "take care of me". Naked, of course. I need that body in person, alone.

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