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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I say bi because I am married but we don't fuck and I am only sexually active with gay I guess. I am 65 although this site defaults to 55...anyway...

    I am on business in Hong Kong, alone... I have a routine whenever I am walking in any city I try and make eye contact with hot men coming towards me...a second or two after we pass, if we have meet eye to eye, I stop and turn around. I have struck up some very exciting encounters doing this over the years when guys have also stopped and turned.

    It worked yesterday here in Hong Kong and I have just let a divine young man out of my hotel room. I am tall, toned and broad in the shoulders from all the swimming I do, have salt and pepper smooth longish hair and was dressed all in black yesterday...he liked that.

    Within a few minutes of us both walking back towards each other and saying hi we were nude in bed. his sexy thong on the floor. Since then he has ejaculated in me 5 times and me in him twice. I have kissed his warm mouth, sucked his beautiful penis and eaten his hot anus for hours.

    I am totally spent and about to get some sleep...blissfully fulfilled.

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    I thought you were asleep already - dreaming.
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    Seven orgasms between you, and all this happened since "yesterday". Read it over before you post - or better still don't bother.

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