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    Straight Female / 38

    I have a Dirty mind about my husband and daughter.

    This is a question not a make up, its probably been asked before, at what age should a dad stop bathing his daughter, our daughter is 14 and developing as a girl should with all the bulges and curves in the right places, in a morning we all shower, at weekend she has a bath before hand she sakes her dad to wash her back after she has been in the bath about ten minutes he goes up I didn't think anything at first but I started noticing the time and checking how long he was with her, it was between 15 and 25 minutes surely that's to long, I asked him why so long he said they were just talking, is this normal, I do have a dirty mind, I don't think this should be happening should I rock the boat.

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    Go in there and find out. If you are afraid to "rock the boat" jhust pretend like you are putting some towels away and investigate. It is YOUR child.
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    14 is too old. One or both of them are getting more out of it than a back washing.

    As the other poster said, go in with them. If they arent hiding anything it wont be a problem.
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    He is fucking her. Or getting his dick suck at least.
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    Lol, 14 yr olds dont do that unless they are getting something out of it honey. Set up a camera. Like ur phone behind the mirror
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    Let them fuck and forget about it. Why bother?
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    funny how all comments here have a similar writing style.
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    Why the hell are so many p***ophiles trying to slide their perversion into this site? Get the fuck away. you moron.
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    I used to go sit on the vanity bench while my father showered and shaved. It was my time with him. He was naked but I never focused on that. If he saw me naked I never cared. I was seven, ten, fourteen, I am 27 and I will go sit on the vanity bench with my dad. I don't care and he doesn't care and he sees me topless, naked, who cares. He is my father, we never had any issue with being naked around family.
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    Okay so what you're saying is YOU confess to having a perverted mind, yet you feel it may be necessary to check in on your spouse, whom you presumably trust to conceive children with, aiding his daughter. To say the least that raises questions regarding your paranoia as well as your depraved, jealous mental state ; to say the most, any admittedly perverted mother like yourself who is concerned with how long a loving father devotes time to his own daughter would probably be advised, in the best interest of the family unit, to be looking after her own mental capacity.

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