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    Straight Male / 38

    Five mates round watching the football. The wife's upstairs in her slut gear waiting for myself, or any of my mates to go up and fuck her.
    She's there ready, willing and hungry for cock, as she always is. I gave up only a couple of years into our marriage, trying to keep up with her sex drive. So over the last four years she's been having my mates, single and married fuck her before, during and after the match.
    She doesn't know I know, but I've also found out recently she's being promoted at work, mainly because she's being fucked by one of her companies owners.
    I know some people will think I'm a mug for staying with her. Yet if you saw just how stunning she is, and that I literally can fuck her at any time, you'd understand she's well worth it, and allowing other men to enjoy her voracious sexual appetite.
    Tonight I'm going to enjoy the last fuck, but first I'm sure as she usually does, she'll insist I clean her up with my tongue.

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    I had a similar relationship with a vixen with a voracious sexual appetite as well. I had to get my besties to fuck her too just to keep her sexually satisfied but that's a story for another time.
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    I've only done it twice, but there's nothing like sliding into a woman immediately after your buddy has cum in her. I adore sexually liberal/open-minded women.
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    As long as you're getting yours I can't blame you. Better to know and deal with it how you want rather then not know at all. I think you should tell her you know though. Why make it difficult by having her keep her secret when you could work out a plan for your relationship?
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    Rather you than me. Live with a tart just for sex? I prefer my situation - a much younger wife and an even younger mistress, and no-one else fucking either of them as far as I know.
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    I agree with #4. However, I'd rather not be home if she's entertaining. But I get that its safer for her to be fucking around at home than meeting up with whacko strangers. And she knows that you know. It would be too hard to hid the mess and the wet spots.

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