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    Straight Male / 38

    I was driving home alone from visiting a friend for the day. The trip normally takes about 2 hours but on my way home it started snowing and the roads got really bad. Traffic was crawling along and there were quite a few car accidents. It was so bad that I had already been driving for about 8 hours and was only about a quarter of the way home. With the way things were I decided I would just pull over and spend the night in a hotel. I looked up a hotel on my smartphone and found one which was not too far away and not that expensive either. I get to the hotel check in and the woman at the front desk asked about my luggage. I told I had none and explained how bad driving was and that was why I was staying here. She told me it was pretty quiet here tonight and that there were only 4 other guests and maybe the storm was the reason. She began to tell me some of the features of the hotel which included a 24 hour gym, pool, hot tub and sauna.

    It was about 11:30pm at this point and the mention of the hot tub and sauna sounded really relaxing but I didn't have a swimsuit to take advantage of them. I went to my room and remembering being told there were only 4 other guests. I thought I could just wear my underwear in the hot tub and sauna and if I was seen it wouldn't be too bad. I stopped by the pool and sauna to just take a quick look first and there was no one around. I grabbed one of the towels there and went back to my room to get ready. It was midnight and I began to think that it was late and I doubted anyone would be going down there at this hour. I thought I could strip out of everything and just go down there with the towel wrapped around me. I didn't need to be wearing underwear in the sauna as I could have a towel around me and with the hot tub I could go in naked with my towel nearby so if someone did show up I could quickly grab it and wrap it around myself. I left my room with only a towel and my room key and walked barefoot to the pool area. I went into the sauna first and then into the hot tub. I was in the hot tub naked and it was very relaxing. The hot tub had a timer on it so I had to get out every 10 minutes to turn it on again. I went back to the sauna for a bit and then back into the hot tub. It knew I was spending too much time in them so I took breaks and spent some time just laying on one of the lounge chairs by the pool wrapped in my towel.

    The clock in the pool area was showing nearing 2:00am now and I had thought about going for a swim but figured it was to risky and just went back into the hot tub for a bit. It was now around 2:30am and I decided I was going to use the pool. There was no one around and hadn't been since I had been there. I left my towel on one of the lounge chairs and hopped in the pool naked. It was so relaxing swimming around in the pool. I was just slowly doing lengths of the pool which was not only relaxing but a good workout. I stopped for a break and there standing looking at me were 2 women. My towel was on a lounge chair right near where they were standing and there was no other towels around I could quickly grab to cover myself. I did think about just running out of the pool area and back to my room but my room key was with my towel. I figured these 2 women would go about their way and I could grab towel and key but they both just stood there looking at me. Minutes went by and I figured they were not going to move so I decided I had to. I casually got out of the pool, walked to my lounge chair and grabbed my towel and room key. I said "Hi" to them and received no reply. The both of them would look me in the eye and then look below. I wanted to not appear anything I was doing was wrong so I casually toweled myself off in front of them and then threw my towel into the dirty towel bin and grabbed a fresh towel to wrap around myself. As I was leaving I said "Goodnight" and wished then a good swim. They didn't reply once again and their eyes followed me as I walked away and left the pool area.

    As soon as I was out of the pool area I literally began running towards my room worried that they would complain and didn't know the consequences. I figured I had to do damage control so I decided it best I just go to the front desk and explain. It was the same woman at the front desk who I checked in with and I told her I may have done something a little inappropriate by swimming naked and possibly offended 2 guests. She said all they saw from the time they came into the pool area was me swimming a pool length and didn't see any of me soaking naked in the hot tub earlier. She told me not to worry and she would look after it if it became an issue which I told her was a big relief. I was about to walk away when I realized a couple of things she said. She said "they never saw me soaking naked in the hot tub earlier" and "all they saw from the time they came into the pool area was me swimming a pool length". How did she know that? I asked her and she told me there were cameras in there. She said she would show me. She showed video of me in the pool area with me naked in the hot tub and also me swimming naked. She told me the video overwrites itself every 48 hours so if I was worried about someone else seeing it I shouldn't worry. If the women do complain about you I will show them this. She shows me what the camera just recorded which was the 2 women in the hot tub naked. She adds that nudity happens more than I would think down in the pool area and especially overnight. I thanked her and was just about to leave when she asked how I felt with her seeing me naked. I said, "what has happened has happened". Pointing to the towel around my waist she asked if it was from the pool area. I told her it was. She said she really hated to do this to me but said those towels were not to leave the pool area and to hand it to her now. I took the towel from around my waist and put it up on the counter. She began to laugh and I immediately wondered why. Did think she me standing there naked was funny or was she laughing at my size. When she stopped laughing she said she was just playing with me. She said I could use the towel outside of the pool area and she just wanted to see if I would actually take it off. She sounded so serious when she said I had to give the towel to her I thought she was serious and why I did it. She handed it back to me, I put it around my waist and started to make my way back to my room. I then remembered the 2 women were still in the pool area naked in the hot tub so I decided I would take a quick stop there. I thought they were being bitches when they didn't reply to me so I figured I would see how they felt about me seeing them naked. I didn't want to spook them so I went into the pool area as quietly as I could. The 2 of them were in the pool swimming naked and I could see their towels along with their clothes sitting on a lounge chair. I sat down on the lounge chair right beside it to wait for them to come out. I sat there for only a minute before they decided to come out and they ran out quick, grabbed their clothes and ran out of the pool area naked. They were shouting "Pig" at me as they left.

    It was time to go back to my room and get at least a few hours sleep before continuing my drive home.

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    Sorry some people don't know how to have fun.
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    38 year old fool with no street smarts, education, or respect. Poster must still be virgin.

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