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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    In my teens I hung out with the basketball team and we used to go to bar where each of us wold get a pizza and a couple of quarts of beer, gobble it all up then have a burping contest. A small blonde started hanging with us and one time one of the guys announced she was going to blow us all, then fuck us if we wanted. The peer pressure for me to get in the car with some guys and the little blonde was powerful and I could not back off. However, I took a look at the girl and all I felt was pity.

    When we were driving from the bar to a wooded area not far from downtown, we were passing a drugstore and I screamed out, "oh SHIT...I almost forgot my mother's medication. Quick, let me out here." They stopped the car, dropped me off and made tracks. Relieved, I went home.

    Whatever heavenly power made me do that has my eternal gratitude. The events of that evening left the girl pregnant. She told her mother how it happened and a shit storm followed after she named names. I am eternally grateful that I found a fantastic excuse for jumping out of that car...headed for hell.

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    Smart move on your part. I read a quote once that said, " What seems like a good idea in the moonlight, isn't such a good idea by sunrise."
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    Good advice from above.

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