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    Straight Female / 27

    When I got to college I found a room with two other women. One of them was 24 and doing work on a masters degree. She took me under her wing. She was very much against freshmen having sex. She told me that when she was a freshman she had sex with three guys in the first month. It wasn't worth it. I didn't tell her that I had sex when I was eleven with a thirteen year old boy, before I had my first period. I wasn't looking for sex with some freshman, but I wasn't going to be able to remain celibate.

    One night she came to my room to talk. I was in bed so she just got in bed with me. She wanted to cuddle. She told me that the advantage of being a woman is that you could cuddle and no one thought you were weird. If guys cuddled it was always a bad sign. She got her leg over me and her arms around me, she cupped my breast so she could have a pillow to rest her face on. She kept wiggling and getting comfortable. She got herself situated so her pussy was up against my hip bone and told me to hold real tight.

    I am not stupid, her hips rubbing against me, her hand gabbing at my breast, kissing my neck and chest, she wanted my hand on her butt and she just kept asking me to hold her real tight. The reason I didn't do anything is because I was so turned on by her, I wanted to pull her between my legs, I wanted her hand between my legs. I finally got her hand off my breast and her hand masturbating me and fingering me. Whether my orgasm triggered hers or hers triggered mine I will never know. What I do know is that we were both in an orgasm clinging on to each other.

    After we had cuddled up again, I told her about me having sex when I was eleven. She wanted details so I gave her the details, she wanted to know about his penis, if he was already mature. She wanted to know if I was already mature. I told her I was a late bloomer, I had not had my period and I had very little pubic hair at the time. I told her it felt really good and that we did it many times. I told her I sucked his penis and he ate my pussy. I told her I liked having him eat my pussy. I told her I wanted to see her pussy, I needed to find out what it was like to eat pussy.

    We got completely naked and she laid back an opened her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers. I looked at her open pussy. Her pussy started to get wet and I just wanted to get on it and I leaned down with my arms around her legs and I ate my first pussy. I found her clit and she bucked when I sucked it and I dug my face down hard on her and she had another orgasm. We both ate pussy that night, before falling asleep naked.

    Over the next two years we slept together and had sex. I imagine we practiced just about all sex positions you can try. There is only so much to work with, and neither one of us liked having sex with toys. But we also had sex with guys. At first she trolled for guys at the lab. The first guy we got in bed with us was a guy named Edgar, he was a Biology Phd candidate and he very little sex experience and never with two women. Sucking on his penis, which tended to get very hard until he came, got us hot to fuck. But in the end we never could get any chemistry going with Edgar.

    After she graduated she stayed on as a lab assistant at the university while I finished my degree. We had by then been living together in our own apartment, there were several men that we had join us. We made it perfectly clear that they were there to provide sex to us, we did not want any involvement. It was during my senior year that my first sex boyfriend came to visit. He was already graduated from college and working and he just got the idea that he needed to come up to see me. I thought to myself, oh well so he is coming here.

    But sucking his penis and having sex with him drug up all those feelings of when we had sex as young kids. It is like time had stood still. We weren't kids anymore and our bodies weren't kids anymore. Where there used to not be any hair there was hair, on his face and in between my legs. I had real breasts. His penis was not a kid's penis any more and he didn't fuck like a kid. I sucked his penis over and over again, and we fucked several times. We hadn't had sex for more than eight years, but during those few days we fucked until we couldn't fuck any more.

    In the end, although those college days were filled with sex with my college girlfriend, and she and I remain friends, when I graduated I did what I guess I was programed to do. I went home and got married and let him fuck me pregnant, which has got to be the ultimate turn on. I don't consider myself bisexual, in spite of all the sex I had with my girlfriend in college. I certainly never thought of myself as a lesbian. I suppose that if she got in bed with me I would not ask her to leave, I would probably hold her tight and let her lay her head on my breasts, I would tell her that I still loved her and if she wanted to get in between my legs I would let her. I am talking about her, not any other woman. I never did anything with any other woman, just her. Her pussy, her breasts, her lips, her fingers, just her.

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    oh fuck yeah! you naughty girl. that story is so hot.

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