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    Gay Male / 47

    I was put in my first boarding school in the fourth grade. I sucked my first boy in the fourth grade. In the seventh grade I was sent to a boy's military academy. I sucked several boys, mostly older boys, and I sucked one of my professors. My professor got my virgin ass and I kept giving it to him whenever he asked.

    I graduated and went on to college, ROTC, sucked and fucked my way through. For some reason having a cocksucker on your squad makes things easier on everyone. One big heavy set boy from Georgia liked to fuck my ass and he fucked my ass. I was the cocksucker and I was the one that got my ass fucked, so I was the queer. The guys that got their cocks sucked and the guy that fucked me were not queers. That's the way it is.

    After graduation I opted out of a commission and went to work for a large engineering and construction company. I had my degree in civil engineering and I went around the world. I sucked my share of men, of lots of nationalities, Arabs were quick to have their penis sucked, Latino's like to fuck. I drew the line in Africa, I just never had any desire or appetite for black men. Small Asian men were OK, but primarily I kept it to sucking them off. When it came time to fucking I gravitated to American men.

    The world turned on its head and everything came to a stop. Somehow, just raw luck, I avoided the plague. I stayed home, and stayed away, not even a boyfriend. After several years, I finally relaxed a little and went back to sucking one of my coworkers. He was very closet and we sucked in secret. He liked sucking me off and I finally got him to agree to give me sex. He was always so embarrassed, especially that he liked giving me sex. It was just wrong to him, but not wrong enough that he didn't have me suck him off or that he wouldn't suck me off or that he wouldn't get hot enough to give me sex. He knew that he was just as gay as I was, except that he gave it and I got it. If I hung my penis out, he would say Oh God, and he would grab my penis and suck me. He is the one person I got very close to, the one person that I had feelings for, the one person for whom having sex was about he being the one that did it. He is the one person that I surrendered to being kissed by.

    But unfortunately he was never able to reconcile himself to the fact that he was gay. We were together for over ten years.

    I freely admit that I am a cocksucker. Mostly now I am cocksucker. I am very careful who I suck, I like to be the first one ever to suck the man. It gives me great pleasure to be the first man that sucks his penis. It is like one of those surprise toys, getting him to stand still, to let me get his zipper open and let me get his pants down, let me handle his penis with my hand and let me suck him until he cums. I would say that very few ever reach the level of allowing themselves to cum. But when I get one that does, I tell him that it is part of the package, having a warm mouth around his penis when he cums. If not they might as well masturbate.

    I don't want to lead anyone on, finding that otherwise straight man who lets himself be sucked is not easy by any means. In fact it is a very special situation when it happens. But it does happen, and it is worth the hunt. And more than one allows it again, and again. It is Pandora's box, once opened they can't put the lid back on.

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    Iâm a straight guy, 46 here. I was in a boarding school starting in the 7th grade. When I as in 9th grade classes the upper class men seniors used to come in our rooms at night and say it was part of initiation. Theyâd have use pull out white briefs down and fuck our asses.

    The first time sucked, the night my virginity was popped. It hurt and the guy doing it didnât really go slow. Vaseline was used as libe. After he cummed in my butt, he got dressed and left. I got up, wiped the Vaseline off me, put my white briefs back on and went to bed. I had a sore asshole for a few days. Two of my friends got it the following night after I asked if they got any visitors. They thought I was joking that I had an upper class mans cock up my asshole. They found out though. They were sore for a few days.

    It happened nightly to ever few nights that an upper class man would come in and want anal. There were a few that were hung and everyone my age hated the night they came looking for ass. The one had to be close to 9â and he was thick. Very thick. That made me sore. But for some reason he liked my friend and I so weâd be the ones regularly getting his big dick.

    I am a straight guy and never talk about my boarding school nights in person. But a lot know what goes on at that boarding school
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    I went to public school and the older kids at a nearby private school took their pick of the cute younger more impressionable public schoolboys. It was mostly sucking at first for me, but having a really gorgeously cute little ass took its toll.
    I had more attention between fourth and seventh grades. Mom kinda guessed finding grass stains on the front and boycum in the bottom of my white cotton underpants.

    She asked me about it and I obviously lied, she let it pass. I asked her about it when I started highschool and she had a talk about boy/boy safe sex. She said that she knew other boys were having sex with me and figured it was just precoscously curious boys experimenting and that I'd probably outgrow it. She never thought about safe sex between really young boys thinking it was just play??
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    #2 - You're Mr Tighty-Whitie. Why don't you pack it in "commenting" on other people's stories with fake ones?

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