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    Straight Female / 38

    I get criticized pretty heavily by my mother. I am 38 and I have two daughters from my ruined marriage. I have a man who desires me, who makes me feel young again. So what if he has sex with me. So what if he spends the night with me. So what if my daughters know that I am being fucked. Believe me, they are not so stupid as to not know that a man fucks a woman. The man fucks the woman. And to fuck her he gets naked with her. And to fuck her he gets in bed with her. And I tell them that he is fucking me. And I tell them that I want him to fuck me. And I tell them that getting fucked is what it is all about.

    It is give and take. He comes over and part of the deal is that I take care of him, which means that he is the man in the house. Part of the deal is that he gets to kiss me, part of the deal is that he can run his hand up my dress. If you want the man to spend the night, then part of the deal is how you take care of him in the morning. And part of the deal is that he gets to undress me and fuck me. I don't sugar coat it. I made one mistake, I am not going to make two.

    He isn't coming around to read the newspaper, he is coming around for a hot meal and a fuck. I learned my lesson. And who better to teach them. Their mother. Their grandmother's rules got me thrown out and replaced.

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    There are a lot of women, and men too, who dont get it that they have to take care of their loved one. And by that I mean physically and sexually too. I am in a relationship where she does not. I work hard, two jobs, she has a beautiful paid off house and a new car and doesnt have to work. You would think with all that she would work hard to take care of her mans needs, but she doesnt. She fucks her toy every day and I am at the bottom of her list. And its not from lack of sexual size and skills according to my girlfriend who I got because of all of the above. I went into marriage thinking if you take care of her she will take care of you, and no intentions of cheating. Yet I hold the power because I make the income. I have a woman who would do anything for me, but I stay here unhappy because of my kids.

    Believe me, dont knock yourself out over you not understanding the first time that you both have to take care of each others needs, you arent alone.
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    I like the way you think. One like me would become possessive of a girl like you. That's when she gets the ring.
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    Another good psychosocietal lesson stated that should be posted forever. This is fundamentally what a man & woman are about. The poster uses the word 'deal', however clearly, it's especially in regard to the feminine Mandate toward fulfilling a man's sexual needs.

    Personally, I would engage more tactful, tasteful language for explaining the feminine mandate to my daughters however the poster indeed gets the point across well.

    Someimes it takes a purposeful, strong man as in her first marriage, to teach a dame what is required of her. At least this poster learned late than stubbornly never.
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    The daughters make good eye candy too!

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