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    Straight Female / 34

    It's funny, I used to worry he was cheating on me with some young fit pretty girl. I'd get so worked up, make myself all jealous and angry then find a guy to give me sexual release. Only it was just a fleeting release.
    Around Christmas time, I found out he was indeed having sex with a young individual. Only the young person wasn't a fit pretty girl, it was a young fit well endowed teenager who has been fucking my husband for nearly a year.
    They both fuck each other, but my husband appears to receive much more than he gives. That is from the video I've now captured. And to top it all, not only am I not jealous or emotionally freaked out, I'm actually turned on incredibly by watching them suck and fuck one another.
    I'm yet to witness them fucking live so to speak. Yet watching them knowing they haven't got a clue I've had three camera's fitted in our home, to me is just as, if not more of a sexual turn on.
    These past few weeks I've even found out who the young man is and where he lives. He's a neighborhood neighbor of ours, who lives only block away. Asking around recently I've discovered my husband and he are often seen together at the local park. Which marries up with something I caught them saying on one of the videos. They met there and it's where my husband first sucked on Chris's cock.
    I'm not ashamed to say I've masturbated many times now to the sight of them having sex. And I'm going to continue to enjoy their liaisons. My only enigma, is do I let them know I know. Or do I just carry on watching and playing with myself. I'm so tempted to be there, but wouldn't want to spoil the awesome fun I now have.
    By the way, I no longer seek out other men to satisfy my needs, or my jealousy.

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    It sounds like it won't be long before you join them. I hope there's enough stamina in those cocks to fuck you as well as you desire.

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