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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Too many times over the last eight or nine weeks I'd been tempted to indulge my desires with a women who oozes sex appeal. She's a younger client of mine, and someone who's made no effort to hide the fact, she'd love to slide her tongue along my pussy slit. Nothing major happened between us, not until she caught me flicking through a porn site depicting lesbian sex. I genuinely didn't know she was behind me. Her response was to scoot around in front of me, lift up her short skirt and show me she wasn't wearing panties. Bending over to her, I gripped her hips, put my face to her pussy and just about licked her pussy, only seconds before we both heard my husband about to enter the room.
    We haven't had chance since to take it any further, and I'm not sure now that I should. My husband gives me everything I desire sexually which includes a cock, but I've always been fascinated by lesbian sex. She is such a beautiful young woman, I doubt if she asked, that I wouldn't find myself naked and in a sixty nine with her. God I wish I knew what I should do.

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    What hubby think? I bet he'd rather share you with another woman. Sounds hot.
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    If you were my wife, and I walked in on you having lesbian sex, I'd just say, "Please continue."
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    Hell yeah!! I’m with 1 & 2. Put me on a show. Or does your hubby think 2 females naked and licking each other distasteful ? Guess it could happen. I’ve always thought 2 pussies are better than one. At least have the conversation.
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    ne hubbys gay he wont mind. wait its not him thats gay its his hubby

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