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    (summer 1987) Carrie is my dad's friend's daughter. she is substantially SUBSTANTIALLY younger than me. i found out later she didn't have a driver's license and was still in school, if you know what i mean. short and stacked, 5'2" if even that, just losing her baby fat. brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin.
    we are walking through the park and stop and sit on a bench. its a gorgeous summer day. we'd been flirting and fucking each other for the past 2 days, since i got here for my dad's funeral. sick and wrong i know. i'm a bastard. i'm grieving and need some comfort... she takes this opportunity to put her head on my shoulder, then turns her head towards me and offers up her mouth for a kiss. she's young and inexperienced, i have to show her not to open her mouth so wide, to use a little finesse. later i will give her kissing lessons, and fucking lessons, and how to suck my cock lessons.
    we walk back to my dad's house. i tell her to wait for me in the van. i get the keys from the house, then we go for a drive. i drive out to the state park by the river and find a nice shady spot.
    we get in the back and start making out uninhibitedly. at last, some privacy! we can do what we have been dying to do to each other. no more surreptitious under the table finger bangs or jack offs, or hiding in closets worrying about getting caught fucking...
    she doesn't even take off her skirt, just lifts it up for me. she's not wearing any panties! she lies back, spreads her legs, pulls her knees up and looks at me, panting, then starts playing with her pussy. its getting hot in the van. i scramble to get out of my shorts and pull out my cock. she eyes it as i work it into her tight little pussy. i have difficulty getting it in she's so tight. i go down on her, lick her sweet box till its nice and slick wet. its so tiny! she's so tiny when she grips my cock with her hand she makes my cock look gigantic against her little twat. i have to go slow or else i'll blow my load too fast. its like tantric sex, we go so slow...but feels soooo fuckin good!
    i pull out and give her some more licks with my tongue, then stick it back in, watching my cock disappear into her tiny pussy with its little coat of downy fur. i push up her top and her big tits pop out at me, big round nipples erect and waiting to be sucked. her tits are so, soooo firm, they feel like solid cantaloupes in my hands. i suck and lick her nipples, getting off on how she coos when i lick them while pumping away at her little box. i push her knees up to her shoulders for better leverage and start pounding her pussy, then put her knees on my shoulders for some really deep thrusts, lifting her ass off the mattress. oh, oh, oh, she says repeatedly. ah, ah, she starts to pant, then screws up her face and lets out a long high pitched ahhhhhh eeeeh kind of squeal. she trembles all over, which sends me over the edge. i can feel the tension building up to a release and my cock swells even bigger in her tiny pussy, she then leans up forward, pushes me back and starts riding me, grinding her pussy on my cock and pushing her tits in my face, pushing her nipples in my mouth while bouncing up and down. shit, i can't hold back Carrie, shit, i'm gonna cum! fuuuuuck! ahhhh! i grab her hips and push her down on my cock, filling her up with my cock and my cum as i shoot my load into her tiny little pussy. fuck oh goddamn, goddamn! yes! four nice big cock spasms...then she collapses on me, i keep it in her cause my cock is having little aftershock spasms. eventually it softens up and i kinda slide out of her.
    i roll her over and go down to watch my cum ooze out of her tiny little pussy, it looks so beautiful, all freshly fucked creampie and glistening. i lay next to her, kissing her and breathing in our sweaty sex scent in the hot van. yes i'm a pervert, i enjoy the scent of a hot horny girl. she kisses me back.
    we gotta go, can't be late for my dad's funeral. i'm gonna go to hell for thinking its hot that she's gonna be standing there at the graveside with my cum ooozing out of her freshly fucked little twat, and that later i'll fuck her again at the wake when everybody is good and wasted. maybe i'll fuck one of my step-sisters... maybe i'll try to fuck one of my dad's other friend's daughters. Beth Weinberger is pretty hot...

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