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    Straight Male / 42

    So this story is my wife's best friend's. And she actually did it for the rent.
    I had to share because this story is hot!
    I got the story 3rd hand from my wife.
    So, Sasha is married to Tom.
    Sasha is a bout 5'2" really curvy, really cute and every guy hits on her.
    Tom is extremely jealous and thinks he's some kind of big "mover and shaker".
    Sasha is a sweetheart, but always buys in to his BS. Anyway, so they rented this 4000+ sq ft house that has to cost a ton of money. And they're several months behind on rent and were given an eviction notice.
    So Tom tells the landlord, Mr. Greene that he has all of the money. Mr. Greene owns a bunch of investment properties and has obviously been through this BS before.
    Well when Mr. Greene shows up, Tom tries doing some song and dance, giving him only part of the money, etc.. Mr. Greene wasn't having it and Tom said someone owed him and he would have to go get the rest of the money. Mr. Greene said he would wait with Sasha.
    A couple hours pass, no Tom, he's not answering his calls.
    So Mr Greene leaves and said he'll be back.
    Sasha talks to Tom in the meantime and he tells her he'll be back before Mr. Greene gets there, but if not to just keep him busy until he gets back. After a couple hours Mr. Green comes back, but Tom hasn't.
    Sasha tried everything to stall him for another couple of hours. Mr. Greene gets fed up and tells her he is going to have them removed from the premises.
    She plead her case, just for one more day. I guess he said something like, What's in it for me?
    Sasha said she was sure Tom would be back any minute, but it didn't happen.
    So with no other options left, Sasha fucks Mr. Greene.
    Mr. Greene leaves. Tom finds out when he comes home and his wife tells him she fucked the landlord because of him. He is so pissed he can't contain himself.
    The next day Mr. Greene showed up with the police to evict them. Tom just loses it and tried to punch Mr. Greene right in front of the cops, but Sasha tried to stop him and she accidentally gets hit instead.
    The cops arrest Tom.
    Mr. Greene stays and comforts Sasha, hugging her while Tom is in the back of the polic car. Tom is kicking and screaming and even banging his head on the window. Later that evening Sasha fucks Mr. Greene again. Maybe in trade, maybe out of sympathy, Mr. Greene helped her move all of their stuff in to a smaller rental he has. He gave her a job in his office to work of the money they owe.
    So Sasha doesn't press charges, but nobody bails Tom out. So he sits for 30 days in jail before he finally goes to court. Sasha starts dating Mr. Greene in the meantime. Tom's found guilty of something minor and gets time served and community service.
    Sasha and Mr. Greene break off their relationship. Sasha and Tom get back together and he moves in to Mr. Greene's rental with his wife, but has a restraining order and can't go near him. Technically I'm not sure he's supposed to live there.
    But Sasha now continues to work for a guy she has screwed at least a dozen times. In an office where her husband can't go!

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    Sounds like the first part of the story from one of those murder shows on the Investigation Discovery or Justice channels. My take on it is the Mr Greene ends up dead and Tom is the prime suspect. Cops press him on it but charges won't stick and further investigation finds Sasha, whose relationship with the landlord sours over time, being behind the murder by hiring some stooge to knock off Mr Greene as he makes the rounds collecting rent. The stooge fesses up and gets a life sentence while Sasha gets 15-30 years. Tom then starts getting action on the side due to his 'bad boy' reputation and ditches Sasha. They divorce while she is in prison and Tom creates a new life with a new wife in another state.
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    This is about you, isn't it, not your wife's best friend.
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    I believe Tom should have let the landlord do him too. As to keep the big dwelling. Nobody has to work.

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