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    During my growing up years our part of town was under construction. Streets were being paved, sewers were being built, homes were under construction, lots of construction workers. I would ride my bike and talk to the men. There was this open lot, the construction materials were stored there, the bulldozers and other heavy equipment stored. I spent a lot of time there, I admired the construction men.

    I found these large concrete pipes that I could hide in, and get around from one part of the lot to another. I would crawl in there, hide and masturbate. I was really impressed by my cock, I had gotten to have a cock that I could really beat off with. I went there pulled down my pants, worked myself into an erection, and jacked off. Until I got caught by the security guy.

    The penalty was sucking his cock. He was an old guy, he had worked construction, he was rough and had a beer belly, and his cock was large and hard. Two hands, a mouthful of cock, his hands holding my head, my mouth made a perfect pussy for him. Giving head meant that sooner rather than later he was going to unload and I got my first taste of his cum.

    I went there after school, rode around front so he knew I was headed for the sewer pipes, I went and waited for him. I let him masturbate me, suck me, and I let him get his hands on my head so he could fuck my mouth. My ass started to get hot, but he would not go there, it was only oral sex. I had to wait several more years before I got that pleasure.

    But, that was later. But then, in those days when bicycles were the way I got around, in those days I sucked the security guard every day I went out to the storage lot.

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    i'm not gay but that story's hot.
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    My dick is hard. The man who introduced me to sucking dick was a divorced man who lived in the same apartment complex. My first time he shoved my head into his lap and said he knew I liked that, opened his pants and I liked it.
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    Hot confession. I sucked my best friend's cock constantly when we were young. Then his dad told me one night he had seen us and unless I wanted everyone to know, I had to start sucking his cock too. So I started sucking his cock and swallow his cum on a regular basis. This went on for a couple of years but I never minded sucking his cock. We never fucked but I did swallow a lot of cum in those years.
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    I had a cute little prepubescent ass that that was pretty much owned by an older boy. I never even thought of anything oral until I hit puberty when I was thirteen. By that time a few boy's had gotten in my white cotton boy's underpants.
    I think it was the showers in middle school that wetted my appetite to get a taste of cock. Seeing other boys bodies all smooth and glistening proudly displaying their boyhood was like being in a candy store. I was shyly small and little boyish but made up for it with gorgeously firm and well shaped little ass that excited more than a few of the boys.

    I'd began to fantasize about trying oral sex with them but was too shy to act on it. I even had an older boy cumming in my prettyboy's ass a few times a week and still couldn't get a taste of it? It was hanging around a construction site that deflowered my virginal pouty lips. I'd actually developed a crush on two of the painters and flirted with them uncontrollably. I even got my mom to get me a pair of white painter's overalls after they offered me an after school clean up job. I loved how my tighty-whities seemed to glow through the cool white cotton fabric of my new overalls. I'd practice in front of my bedroom doors mirror, posing the best ways to show off my brief cotton clad butt.

    To my surprise it wasn't the two painter's that look advantage of my cuteness. It was a laborer on the concrete crew who's thick sweaty dick plundered my rosey cheeked innocents. His sweat salty cock passed my lips with wide eyed wonderment as my tongue naturally danced about my curiosity, my first mouthful.

    He told me I was beautiful "an angel with a cherry cherobs beauty." I had to look up what a cherob was, and liked it when I discovered their cuteness. After sucking him for few weeks I got up the nerve to ask him to fuck me, because"I just wanna try it, maybe once." My tight little ass spasming due to its size. My flirty pert little cheeks quivering uncontrollably like they did when the fifteen year old boy deflowered them. It was a marvelous time for me.
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    #4 - Bullshit, Mr Tighty-Whitie.

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