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    Straight Male / 36

    This happened last summer. I woke up from a nap. I heard my step daughter talking to someone in the back yard so I looked out my bedroom window that over looked our backyard and pool.I saw it was my daughter and her best friend. I then was shocked to see them both sun bathing naked. I couldn't help but get hard to their tight little bodies and perfect tits. I took my cock out and started jacking off just staring at them. I came so hard at the thought of fucking their teenage pussies. I know I'm a creep. But I struggle to not get hard around my step daughter now. I have even jacked off into her used panties. I will never act on actually fucking her but the fantasy is great.

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    Do they have beards in the nether region?
    7 days ago
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    Keep your cool.
    Just voyeur for now & build trust & lust, & when they're old enough it will all pay off.
    Don't do something stupid & illegal now & set up the future. KEEP THE POOL!
    7 days ago
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    You are not a creep what you did was normal
    6 days ago
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    Amen! Youre a man and you saw two hot naked chicks and your cock responded. Nothing wrong with watching and jacking off or even using her worn panties. God knows how many other men do the same thing. I know I do and even have with some of her friend's panties! Just don't cross the line and start touching her. That shit is just wrong.
    6 days ago
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    I would do the same thing. What a great opportunity! And consider this - they knew you were home, they knew you would see them. Have fun!
    5 days ago

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