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    Straight Female / 22

    I was large, showing big time in my seventh month. Len, my husband, whom I love, stopped touching me five months ago and I was tired of masturbating. Len has his boyhood friend, Ted, who usually comes to dinner on Fridays. Yes, Teddy started fucking me.

    I first noticed him at the table, his cock was bursting out of his pants. When Len was out of the room, Ted told me that my preggy condition was driving him nuts and he wanted in me. The first chance we got, we started our clandestine affair. His hard meat sizzled when he first entered me and I almost passed out in ecstasy, all due to my five month lock-out.

    So, Ted was not married but he had the best piece of ass ever, according to what he told me. I believed him and could feel his hard ejaculation up to my stomach every time. He once pulled out to show me his white streams and I counted eight. I have no idea where he gets all that sperm. Preggy fucking really works, folks. Trust me.

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    Preggy fucking is awesome! Love the story as it brings back great memories causing me to jack off right now. I am insatiable with sex which is one reason why the wife and I have four kids. Our best fucking though may have been when I bred her then almost every chance we'd get throughout the nine months. Love doggy and titty fucking and really went to town with it. The wife jokingly offered me to her sisters and a couple of friends when they were pregnant and damned if they didn't take her up on the offer. The wife would watch and even get involved sometimes but it is so damned hot fucking another gal with the wife right there!
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