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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I was married for a little less than a year when I found out my husband was having sex with a girl from work. What was worse, is that I found out that he had sex with her and he had sex with me the same day, he stuck his dirty penis in me after he stuck his penis in her. He stuck his dirty face in me after he stuck his face in her. I got his tongue in my mouth after he had his tongue in her mouth.

    I confronted him and he did not deny it. He said she just had one of those pussies you had to fuck. And if she was available to fuck how could he not fuck her. He got his face in my pussy and while he kept lapping up he kept describing her pussy to me, while he crawled up and was grabbing and kissing my tits he described her tits to me. While he got on me and started to fuck me he described what he felt when he fucked her. I had my first orgasm while having intercourse.

    He brought us together and he had sex with us. From the time I was 23 until the time I was 30 we lived in this three way sex triangle. I got my face into her and she got her face into me. Eating pussy is whole lot better than sucking a penis. Kissing with a girl is a whole lot better than making out with a guy. Sleeping with a girl is a whole lot better than sleeping with a guy.

    And he was right. Her pussy is just one of those pussies you have to eat. Her tits are just tits you have to suck. Her mouth is just that mouth you have to kiss.

    We pushed him out and we were able to rearrange our life around us, but things quieted down. We missed his penis, his hands, his mouth. But we needed to be together without him. We still give him pussy, it is just that now we don't live together.

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    Well, give me some pussy please.

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