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    My wife was a real slut before we got married. She fucked and sucked just about everybody came along. I was a virgin when we got together and was really blown away by her sexuality. I really loved it. She became loyal to me after we got together and we got married. Because she was so sexual she always took the lead in the sex department. I really got into kinky six so we ended up having a threesome with another guy who was a good friend of mine. It was really hot both of us fucking her together. After a couple of years she began to get more straightlaced and less sexual as the relationship progressed. We been married about 20 years now and it finally reach the point where we would only have sex about once or twice a month. I am still as horny as I have ever been. I jack off once or twice a day. She has no idea. I look at a lot of porn and jack off to it. Also read confessions and other sexual material and jack off to it. I finally Side of the couple of months ago that I was through with being passive and letting her take the lead on our sex life. She is always been in charge of when we have sex and what we do when we have sex. It it’s pretty vanilla now. About two months ago though I changed all of that I decided that instead of being passive I was going to change how I interacted with her sexually. One night while we were laying in bed I took off my underwear. I think she may have been asleep. Had a hard on and I don’t normal circumstances I would’ve went into the bathroom and beat my meat. But this time I was laying there with a hard dick and I just had to change things. I reached over to her and told her as I woke her up with my hand to get on her knees right now and pull her panties down in a fairly rough boys. She looked over at me and said what? And I said you heard me, get on your knees and pull down your panties. To my surprise, it work she got up on her knees and pulled her panties down immediately rolled over and got behind her and shobed my dick in her pussy. She was dry and I just reached down and spread her pussy as for open as I could and force my dick and the hard drive pussy and begin pumping in and out. After a few strokes I could tell she was starting to get wet. That made me fuck her even harder. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load in your pussy. I wasn’t concerned about her getting off or anything I just said it was all going to be about me getting my night. All those years before when she let herself be used by all of those men before me, the only thing they were interested in was getting their nut and so as I fucked her I thought about all of those men getting their nut in my wife’s pussy and using her for their own pleasure. I fucked her just like they would fuck her. It was a great turn on and I fucked her like a dirty whore. After I came in her I rolled over on the bed and said that was great honey I love you. The next day she was looking at Mccanna funny not know what to think. She was sitting in the living room and I decided I was going to make sure that the new rules were established. As I begin to think about what I was going to do, my dick got hard in my pants. I got up and walked over to where she was sitting and she looked up at me. I don’t think she noticed the hard on in my pants until I was at my zipper and pulled out my hard dick. I reached out with one hand and grabbed the back of her head and with my other hand I showed my dick in her face, she kind of bugged her teeth and I pushed her mouth on my dick and said open your mouth she was just in a little bit and I told her again open your mouth and suck this dick. She open her mouth a little bit and I forced it into her mouth and pushed her head on the my dick and began to fuck her mouth like a dog in heat. As a mouth fucked her I said Suck that dick baby, suck it hard. Once again, it didn’t take very long until I could tell I was about to shoot my load in her mouth. At this point she was just kind of freaked out but I could tell she was getting into it as well. I didn’t think about anything except her sucking out my nut. Things were changing, she was going to be the dick slut that she was when I married her and that’s the way things were going to be. I said here come the baby suck The snot out of my fuck stick! Her face was red and her eyes were watering as I begin to shoot my load in your mouth. As I started cumming I said swallow every bit of that cum baby just like you used to suck those dicks before we were together. Suck out all my cum! After she sucked me dry. I’ll look at it and said from now on, I want you to wear a dress or a skirt and I don’t want you to wear panties because I’m going to start fucking you whenever I want and I want you to always be ready to take my dick in your pussy. Do you understand me? She shook her head yes and I said good girl, I love you baby, you’re going to be getting a lot of dick from now on and you’ll probably be sucking some other dicks too when I tell you too. Do you understand me? She shook her head yes and smiled at me. I said good, Honke glad we have understanding now.

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