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    Straight Male / 41

    What the fuck do I do.
    First of all, I'm going to say it was definitely not preempted by me.
    My wife walked into my study last month (A fortnight ago) and asked me if I'd consider something her and Megan, my step daughter, had discussed. Megan is eighteen, a very lively bubbly girl and a real cracker when it comes to looks and her gorgeous body.
    But Megan is very much like my real daughter, and I see her that way in many ways. Even if I do recognize her female charms.
    The question I was asked was, would I take Megan to a motel initially, and show her the delights of sex.
    That was it, it was that simple.
    My wife told me they'd spoken about it and they'd decided it would be best for me to "Educate" Megan sexually, rather than have some snotty nosed kid fumble around with her.
    I'm not yet sure who spoke to who about what. What I do know is my wife is going to her mothers in weeks time for two days and it's then they both like me to have sex with Megan. Not in our home as Megan apparently feels that would in some way compromise our families space. Yet she's comfortable with me fucking her in a motel.
    My concerns are. If I have sex with Megan, where the hell will that me with my wife, and will that mean both women have a claim to me and my manhood.
    It all sounds great initially, but once you think about it, it only sounds like a minefield. And now I'm twisting my thoughts in all directions, as what is and would for the best.

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    You need to have a serious talk with wife about the aftermath if you do It. Is it a one off or will further sex with her be allowed if wanted. It's a very tricky field of landmines to navigate. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    keep dreaming. Hurts no one.
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    Have you spoken to Megan about it? That is, as you say, a minefield waiting to happen. Don't do anything you'll regret...
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    Fuck the ass off her!
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    I can only tell you one thing. I'm very happily married to a woman I love and respect. However I have cheated a couple of times, and a three years ago I began screwing this young 21 year old, who was a virgin. It took me a few weeks to get her to have sex, and it took a bit longer for her to really get into it, but now she LOVES it, and I love fucking her. So, what's the problem? Well, the problem is that sex with my mistress (who I definitely don't love, she's a nice girl, but just a fuck basically) is WAY better than sex with my wife, whom I do love. So in many ways I just wish I'd never even started it.
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    Look, bottom line in this remains : TALK IS CHEAP. Notably the CRAP a spouse feeds a man when it's a potentially lucrative setup for divorce.

    Not that it matters, however where are all the legal documents regarding this "agreement"??

    You're better off to stay twisted about this. one can never win due to the old adage ; when it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Your witness counselor.
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    Indeed. Look, you settled your twisted thoughts in one word ; MINEFIELD. Furthermore, there's a reason you had to accurately refer to Megan as a STEPDAUGHTER.

    We know you can see the forest for the trees here.
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    First of all there is no biological connection between you and your step-daughter so its not i****t, its not unusual for families to share sex, I am married and I am having sex occasionally with her sister with her consent the reason is they are very close and have shared everything we have a threesome, I don't see anything wrong with your wife's request, some women find it a turn on knowing what has happened, if you do go with your step-daughter, it should be done in the home not in a strange motel room.
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    Older married woman here and yes you should talk with both of them before you make a decision. How they both feel about it what the after effects may be. What if the daughter gets infatuated and loves how you fuck her and wants you all the time? You must talk to them about all that is involved .. As you say could be a mine field or you could end up with 2 women to take care of Humm (everymans dream)


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