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    Straight Male / 53

    its 1997. i'm waiting tables at a trendy restaurant downtown. i had developed a good rapport with the general manager, a petite annie lennox circa 1995 look alike. she gave me her number. i call, we chat. (i am being brief for the sake of brevity) as we're talking, her voice gets echo-ey and i hear what sounds like water running in the background. i ask her she's doing, she tells me she's peeing. WOW! didn't see that coming...i'm startled but play it off. "so you're sitting there with your pants around your ankles and your bare ass on the toilet? that's hot" i say. "no, i;ve got my skirt up to my waist and my panties around my ankles" she replies. "fuck, that's even hotter". my cock is getting hard, picturing this sexy executive boss woman taking a piss. i pull it out and tell her i'm picturing her in my minds eye while stroking my cock. "come over, Richard. i wanna see your cock" she says.

    i break all kinds of land-speed records getting to the address she gives me. its such a major turn-on to think i'm gonna fuck the big boss of my work. i pull to a screetching stop in her driveway. i practically run up to her door. she opens it before i can knock, saying she heard me pull in the drive. i walk in and she kisses me right there in the hallway, rubbing against me like a cat, cupping my cock and balls with her hand. damn, right to it. she starts to unzip my jeans, saying "i wanna see it". it springs out into her hand when she frees it from my underwear. "oh, nice! yeah, this'll do". oh kay...never had any complaints about it. she tugs on it, then leads me by it down the hall.

    we go into the living room. she fixes me a double vodka rocks with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lime. how'd you know my drink i ask, dick hanging out. " Chelsea told me" she says. "i saw you guys hanging out and asked her about you". ummm...i don't know how to take that, its kinda weird. whatever. weird chicks make for weird sex, and this is weird, chillin' with my boss at her house, drinking with my cock out.

    she fixes one for herself and sits next to me. She turns to me, smiles at me with her perfect white teeth, blue eyes flashing and says "did that turn you on when you heard me peeing?" this is gonna be a curious conversation, i'm thinking. my dick is starting to shrink, and my zipper is biting into it. i take a sip of my drink and say "yeah. i don't know why, but the idea of watching a girl pee is kinda sexy to me". not really but what the hell, if it will get me laid by her...but the more i think about it, i DO wanna see this hot seductive woman take a pee. the idea is provocative and arousing...cause its so fucking dirty.

    my dick is getting cold. "oh, its shrinking! we can't have that". she leans over and takes me in her mouth. oh yeah, much much better. fuck that feels so good. it starts to get big in her mouth again with her sucking hard on it. she's wearing red lipstick and its getting on my jeans and cock. cool. she puts it all the way into her mouth and undoes my belt. she releases me from her mouth to pull my pants and boxers down to my knees before taking me into her mouth again, head bobbing up and down. i tell her it did turn me on, listening to her pee, how much i liked it, how much it turned me on. she gets off the couch and on her knees, putting one hand around my cock and the other cupping stroking my balls as she bobs up and down on my dick. mmm, she's a little toothy but still good. i run my fingers through her short hair and start to pump my hips back and forth in time to her bobs. "yeah baby, suck it. suck it. mmm you suck it so good, that feels so good baby. can you feel it throb in your mouth?" i talk to her. she looks at me with my cockhead in her mouth and mumbles "uh huh, uh huh". dayum, i got the g.m. of my work sucking my dick! she takes a little break and tells me her jaw kinda hurts, can she just jack me off into her mouth, she asks me, all big eyes and head tilted to the side. "sure!" like imma gonna say no? its a game...she puts the head back into her mouth and starts jacking me off using both hands and a kinda twisty motion that feels OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM SHIIIIIIT! i shoot some big jets of cum into her waiting kisser, her sucking hard on the throbbing head. shit goddamn that snuck up on me. wow. wow. ok. i'm ok, just kinda surprised me there. she comes up to my face, smiling, and kisses me. oh what the fuck? a SNOWBALL. she's got my load in her mouth and tongues it into my mouth. she breaks away from me, wiping her chin and sticks out her chest and says "did you like that?" i smile, swallow it and say "fuck yeah that was hella hot, Tracy." what the hell, its my own jizz, not like i sucked some guy off.

    i pull her to me and kiss her mouth, her neck, pull the top of her sundress to the side and nibble on her shoulders while running my hands up her skirt and pulling down her panties. her pussy is wet, i slide my fingers into her and finger bang her there, standing up. my pants are off and my boxers are gone. i pull her dress over her head and admire her naked body. nice! skin like porcelain, red gold bush. nice ass. 34 B tits with pink nipples. she grabs my cock again and leads me to the bathroom. huh? she spreads a shower curtain on the tile floor and tells me to lie down. i lie down. she straddles my face, rides my face, makes me lick her pussy. she moans and groans and pulls on her nipples. she starts to tremble, i think she's gonna cum, but then she positions herself over my hard cock and slides down all the way in one swift move. she plants one foot on either side of me and squat fucks me, hard. she pounds her pussy on my cock, up and down, faster and faster. good thing i drank 2 double vodkas or else i'd of shot my load by now. she has her eyes closed and is mumbling something i cant really hear, like she's talking to herself or she's in some sort of trance. it sounds like "fuck fuck fuck cunny cunny fuck me fuck oh oh " ??? whatever, i'm getting off again. she starts wailing, loud, kinda a scary like she's posessed wail, goes gggghhh gggghhh ahhh looks down at my cock in her and starts a strong steady stream of piss on me. her pussy clamps down and she starts rocking her hips back and forth, milking my cock, and it feels fucking great, like a little mouth sucking me off. i try to shove it in all the way but her pussy is clamped shut with just the head in, she's milking it and i shoot my load into her. i'm dizzy from the booze, disoriented, she releases me from her pussy and STILL PISSING squats on my chest and kisses me. fuck, i didn't think a little woman like her could have so much piss in them. i gotta say, i didn't not like it, it was warm, splashing all over me and so fucking kinky wrong and dirty i loved it. i surprised myself by letting it become a regular thing, but she was so hot sexy and it was so wrong and dirty letting her piss on me. i actually enjoyed watching her pee on me, her spreading her pussy lips and spraying me with her liquid gold, or me pissing on her then her sucking me off.

    so that's my confession: i use to get together with my boss and let her piss on me.

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