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    Lesbian Female / 33

    Growing up we lived in a trailer. My mother, my older brother and me. The trailer had two rooms, my mother slept in one and my brother and me in the other. He was older, and he would lay in his bed and masturbate. We never had sex, or anything like it, he just masturbated until he spit his stuff out.

    The trailer park we lived in had its share of freaks and idiots. My mother earned extra money by having sex with men from her work or from the trailer park. In the trailer park I had my first love affair, with another girl when we were fourteen. I started work as an exotic dancer to be around the girls who worked there. turned 21 as an exotic dancer.

    I moved to Florida and worked at several men's clubs. The same, different type of men, but the same thing, you dance, they give you money, you dance again. The clubs had strict rules about seeing clients after hours. I made decent money from dancing, and I worked at some better clubs.

    I am not saying it is right or wrong. During the time I was a dancer I knew many girls who were hooked up with another girl. I think being in that business makes you want to be around girls. We kept away from men by being together. We lived together and we had a steady relationship. Although some relationships were fluid, with several lovers, I tended to stay with one girl. Getting in bed with her and making love with her was always comforting. Although I worked in that business for several years, I never slept with a man.

    Far be it for me to say how many girls who were in the business were lesbians, but it was more than just a few. Even the some of the ones that turned tricks were lesbians. For me the truth was that I looked for and found love with another woman. For me it was always more about dancing with the other girls than dancing for the men who were paying.

    In one of the raids I met this woman who was a police officer. She interviewed me after several of us were picked up for questioning. I told her the truth, I did not turn tricks. I was also truthful and told her I lived with a woman and I had never had sex with a man. It turned out that she was a lesbian, and we ended up getting together. It is with her that I moved to California. In California I quit dancing all together.

    She is older than me, and works as a detective in the small town where we live. I work as a fitness instructor at a gym, catering to women. My partner is OK working around men, I feel more comfortable working around women. I knew I was a lesbian when I was fourteen. And if I could do it, I would go to a men's club just to see the girls dance. I don't miss dancing, or the hours, but I do miss the money.

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    Were you so needy that your Mom had to sleep with idiots to earn extra money?Really very sad.
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    Count yourself lucky for having met a good partner. Good luck.

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