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    Lesbian Female / 19

    My roommate and I started cuddling during movies in our room. Cuddling became feeling each other, kissing and eventually oral sex on each other. We never thought it was more than having fun until one night we turned away from the movie and just faced each other and kissed. I mean really kissed with a great big hug. We slept together that night.

    I don't know how other women discovered their attraction to another woman. Our situation started because being together felt so good, experimenting but telling ourselves we were just playing around, until our kiss was magic, and the hug eternal.

    For women only, how did you know it was 'real' and not a game? How did you say I love you and mean it? I am still learning, and honestly asking if I could ever love someone else like I love 'my' girlfriend. It still feels unreal that my love focus is another woman.

    I know we are young, but we feel like we have always been together. When we first arrived in our dorm and shook hands and she showed me her list of does and don'ts, I laughed a little and agreed without one modification, I would have written pretty much the same list. Fortunately she didn't have anything on there about cuddling, kissing or sleeping together.

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    At 19 you THINK your lesbian? WRONG. Your just passing through lifes experiences. Don't condem yourself already life just began for you! I am 56 male, my 17 year old daughter has had experiences like you but she isnt "lesbian" simply because it is growing life experience, trust me :) Be well inside and out :)

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