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    Straight Female / 19

    Sick Boss Up-Skirt Camera

    I am pretty sure that my boss had a spy cam setup under my desk.
    This is my first job out of high school. I took it so I could help pay for college expenses so this is really important. I am young, Latina, and small for my age but I make up for it by trying to be independent. The only problem is that I'm really shy and don't speak up when I should. I try so hard to make people like me.
    I was so grateful to find a job that was only a few blocks from my home and yes, I still live with my parents. It's only part-time for now, so it won't interfere with my school.

    So here's what happened...
    The company I work for has only two office workers (both of us women) and then there's our boss. He's a middle-aged white guy, tall (about six-two) and pushing about two hundred, maybe three hundred pounds. He is originally from Chicago and likes to talk a lot about food (and women). He's kind of a braggart and loud. I can hear him from the other side of the building and through his office door.
    Even in our interview, I could tell he was a bit of a pervert because he kept staring at my little breasts the whole time we talked. I would have been really offended except he offered me the job right then and there. So what, my desk was at the farthest wall, next to the entrance. I could live with that.
    Now, he told me that I had to wear something casual and cute. He wanted to keep a relaxed atmosphere but wanted me to wear something inviting for our clients. Short pencil skirts with button up blouses. It was pretty specific, but being that this was only for a few hours a day, it wasnât too much to ask.
    I love my job. Greeting people and taking messages was pretty easy and simple. I had the greatest desk. It was brand new dark wood with smoked glass trimming. It was in a corner but had a great view to the parking lot and the green-belt area beyond it.
    The only issue I had was with my chair. It was an old and worn model. The stuffing was coming out of the seat in several places. It was a hold-over from my predecessor. She was a retired accountant and had trouble getting up. This chair had an electronic lift control. I tried it a couple of times. It only hummed but didnât work. When I asked about it, I was told that a new chair was on order for me.
    So now itâs my first day, Iâm wearing my new outfit; short skirt, red top and three inch heels. Everythingâs going pretty smooth and time flies by, fast. My perverted boss only comes over to look down my blouse twice. I'm sure he wants to get a glimpse of my nipples. I just button up an extra button. Everything was really smooth, except for that damn chair. I swear I could feel the springs poking into my ass. The chair was worn to where my ass automatically fit into a defined groove. Not only was it uncomfortable, but I swear I didnât touch the controls, but the chair began to lightly vibrate. I swear. It was it was very light, but I could tell. It stopped after about an hour. Thank god. It was really starting to get intense on the crack of my ass. It didnât hurt, but it was really distracting. I was clenching thighs and crossing/uncrossing my legs all afternoon. I remember thinking how much I would have enjoyed it if it was in my room at home. At the end of the day, I asked my boss when the chair was coming. He said probably early next week. He told me it was a real pleasure having me around. Smiling, he was actually talking to my chest.
    So the next week is pretty much the same as the first day. I greet people, take calls and then try to keep from wetting my panties. That damn chair seems to have a mind of its own. Itâs like we have a sexual relationship. I keep asking about the new chair, but secretly I hope it doesnât come in. Somehow the vibrations are getting stronger. I have to take more restroom breaks during work because the buzzing is making my insides shake. Sometimes I find myself rocking to some subconscious rhythm. I can only take it for about an hour at a time. After hitting the power button on the controller about fifty times, the chair stops. At least thatâs what I thought (at the time). It was odd, but like clock-work, my boss would come striding over to update me on the order. Itâs still on order. He was very sorry. He never looked sorry. He always seemed like the cat that ate the canary. Of course, he took his daily look down my blouse.
    After about a month of this, Iâm beginning to think that my replacement chair is never coming. At least my perverted boss never approached me. Maybe itâs because he has daughters my age. Thatâs what I thought.
    It was Friday and everything was great. It was getting late and my chair hadnât malfunctioned, yet. My boss starts his crap. Hey, baby. Got any plans for tonight? You have a date? Youâre looking very nice (emphasis on nice). I told him that I was staying home. I lied. I had a date with a new guy. I was wearing my lacy bra, thong panties, five inch stilettos and had my makeup done up. He was really going too far with his comments. He said that whoever the lucky guy was, he was sure I would have a great time. Maybe I would like to take off a little earlier today. Well hell, Iâll take it! What is this guy up to? Did he change? Nope. I caught him staring at down at my bra. I hope he enjoyed my little titts. He says I can take off an hour earlier.
    So now Iâm excited its payday, leaving early, and I have a hot date tonight! Everything was so sweet. And then I think my arm hits the controller and my chair starts itâs convulse. Not like normal. Itâs more intense and my ass now seems to be sitting deeper in the ass groove. The spring under my ass now is pushing hard on my puss and it feels like an earthquake. Please, not now! I look around. My coworker is downstairs in the copy room and my boss is in his office talking to some old buddy. He is laughing and talking very loud. Who knows what about but I have to get ready to leave soon. All I have left is adding some data in a weekly spreadsheet. I canât seem to get anything done.
    My whole bottom is vibrating, now and my pussy feels like itâs on fire! I can feel the muscles in my both my ass and pussy contracting involuntarily. I push the power off over and over and nothing happens. In the background I hear my boss belly laughing. Heâs talking loud and Iâm hearing him clearly. âOh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Daddy likes that. Thatâs right. Howâs that feel?â What? It must be coincidence. Oh, shit it was more intense now. I was getting wet, now. There was no stopping it now. I let out a sharp âAye!â The boss opens his door to ask if I needed anything. I tried to look normal but I was holding on to the armrests like my life depended on it. He didnât seem to notice, but he was all red and was giving me a creepy-ass look like he knew everything! He closed the door just as my body started to shutter. They were crossed under the desk, but my legs suddenly went straight out and my toes started curling so much that my shoes came off. It was so embarrassing that I couldnât even get out of the chair until the power turned off. Strangely enough, my boss had gone silent. I sat there for a few minutes until I was sure that stand. I took a couple of steps until I realized that I didnât have any shoes on. Then I heard him again, âOh, my god, dude! Black and tiny! Yes, so tiny and spicy too. I tell you, it was amazing! I canât wait to show you. Hum, so sweet and so wet. I canât wait until next time. Yes, I turned it to the highest one! Ha, ha. Iâm sending you the file right away.â
    My shoes were way under the desk. I got down on my hands and knees and started crawling. It was kind of dark. The lamp on my desk illuminating my workspace and my chair but the base of the desk was pitch-dark. Then I saw it. It was a red LED blinking light. It was faint, but it was at the back of the desk where the glass trimming was. I grabbed my shoes and then reached up and got my phone. I turned on the flashlight feature and shined it on the glass. It looked like there was a small box with a wire running to a power adaptor. Was that a camera?
    âWhat are you up to?â My boss was standing a couple of feet behind my ass. I was up. I told him that I dropped something under the desk and what was that red light behind my desk. He said not to worry, it was a thermal sensor. It was part of our safety equipment. When I peeked again, the light was gone. He said that if I wanted to go now, I could. Of course I took off. He just walked back to his office.
    Driving out of the parking lot, I felt so stupid. How long has that been there? What did it catch? Oh, shit I was wearing a black thong today. He was saying something about black and tiny. Was he talking about my panties? Oh, I was going to be sick. All I can imagine is this old fat bastard watching his 32 inch monitor. I remember how the lamp lit up my chair through the glass trim. It must have been a perfect setup. I was in a tight, little skirt that rides up when you sit in a big overstuffed chair like I was in. He must have had a perfect up-skirt view of everything! Did he do something to the cushion? I bet that it was him! He said that he had it turned to the highest setting!
    If I had any question if I was setup, when I got back to the office, I found that my new chair had come in and the âthermal sensorâ was gone. Nothing was plugged in behind my desk. I canât prove he did anything and heâs acting like he hasnât completely violated me.
    Every once in a while, I think he watches the videos of me (there at work). I know the camera had a great microphone because Iâve distinctly hear my voice saying âAyeâ coming from his office. All I know is that I really need this job and that I now check my desk before sitting down. I donât know what Iâm going to do if he tries this again or something worse. I just hope the videos he has satisfy his urges. He's been undressing me with his eyes, now and that makes me very nervous. I'm not sure I could tell him to stop if he pushed me to do something. The thought of that old, fat man taking advantage of me is so horrible. What to do. What can I do? This is my first real job. I don't think anyone will believe me.

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    Hi, is this in NYC?
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    The first thing to do is TELL SOMEONE, preferably the police. Then if he tries anything again you've at least reported it, and they might be prepared to catch him in the act. Such people only thrive in silence.
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    Quit wearing panties

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