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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well i worked at this paint shop during the summer and theres this nice guy there named Marcus and that day i decided to wear my favorite shorts and so one day i was in the middle of painting i had to go really bad!! But i thought why risk looking stupid in front of my paint shop partner so i held it. When i reached the top of the house and i am short so i asked marcus to give me a boost so i was painting the top f the house while he was giving me a boost and all of a sudden i started peeing uncontrolobly! It drenched my favorite shorts dripped down my legs and right on his face!!! TOTALLY EMBARRASSING! well lets just say for the reat of that summer i hung up my paint brush and started working at a convienience store with these stuck up snobs that are stupid compared to marcus!!!!!

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    Oh my gosh! where did you work?
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    At the ( painting center university)
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    Now that's funny. My advice, don't tell anyone!

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    That is sooo funny. It made ME cringe in embarrassment!
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    I know what you mean
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    Danm that Marcus was one lucky guy. Call me if you ever need someone to give you a boost. :) My name is Josh and you can find me at.... ex.html
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    Josh you can find me at [email protected] and my aol screen name is SunshineQZ please talk to me!
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    Josh, how come you never emailed me??
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    KateY I tried to e-mail you but it came back. However I just added you to my IM list so i'll catch up with you soon. Josh

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