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    Straight Female / 22

    In my late teens, I was working as a server in a roadside restaurant on the bypass. A customer came in a couple of times a week and whether I served him or not he would put a 20 in my hand when he left. He told me that when he was a young guy he worked as a server and knew just how hard the job was. Sometimes he would hold my hand after he gave me the 20. He would look for my station and sit there and when I served him he would ask me how things were going.

    One day while he was talking to me, he put his hand on my thigh, I didn't even notice until his hand went over my butt. I moved and he grabbed my hand and said that I needed to be nice, to let him touch me and he would be nice to me. He didn't let go of my hand, he pulled me closer and he put his hand on my thigh and told me to stand still and he ran his hand all over my butt, he told me to bend over and give him a kiss.

    I got fired. He said he wanted me to get fired, because how he could take care of me. He wanted me to hold his hand when I was with him, he liked kisses, spontaneous kisses on the cheek, to let him hold my butt, to press my breasts into him when he put his arms around me. To give him nipple peeks. He didn't want the little girl look, to let myself go natural, to just shape and trim a little. To surprise him by going without panties now and then. To flash him.

    He paid for my apartment, my car, gave me money, called me by pet names, he started to spend almost every night with me. He started to kid me at first, but then got more and more insistent that I needed to start thinking about how I wanted to live. Apartment living was OK because I was young, but a man needed more than that. To ask him when I wanted a baby. I was 20 by then, having kids was not something I was even thinking about.

    For my 21st birthday he gave me an engagement ring and told me that he felt I was now old enough to get married.

    I returned the ring to him after a few weeks and told him I had to break it off. I went back to waiting tables and living on what I earned. I moved to a dump apartment, I cried at night. From the frustration of being in love with him. From the frustration of living in a two dollar dump. For a while he called or texted but I wouldn't answer.

    After a year I went to him. But he was with another girl, totally different than me, except for the age. I told him that I was sorry, that I got scared and that I was ready to be with him. But I had my chance, and he was over me and that was that. He told me that I had to grow up, and live with the consequences of my rash decisions. He said he wished me well, but he didn't eat leftovers.

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    The dude sounds like a Zombie. You should have checked for a pulse to find out there was none.
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    Dude I have no reason why you are stuck on the Zombie shit but get over it. Annoying as hell all the time with your comments.
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    You did have the chance and you screwed up, enjoy finding someone who will not be like that man who could have taken care of you.
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    That guy was clearly targeting young girls
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    This composition only serves more evidence that MEN RULE & will perpetually sustain superiority over the weaker gender with or by their capacity to manipulate societal factors in their favor.

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