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    Straight Female / 37

    This isn't funny or anything.

    I got married to a man I met on a dating sight. We dated for over a year. I won't deny that I was desperate to get married, I was 32 and I wanted to start a family. As soon as I could I got started, and I had two girls back to back.

    I got a call one afternoon at work. The person said he had to remain anonymous, but there was something I needed to know. He had contracted an STD, and that the person who had given it to him was my husband. It turned out I had the STD. My now ex-husband admitted that he was bi, and from time to time he would play around with another guy. He just liked being the girl sometimes. Not what you want to hear from a man.

    I cannot release the image of my ex-husband with some black man (for some reason I always envisage a black man) fucking him. The man who called me sounded black.

    I am healing. But it is not as easy as you think.

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