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    Straight Female / 30

    I was 26 when I first participated in a threesome. The other girl was 23. After sex, we fell asleep, she and I on one side of the bed and he on the other. We have lived together and participate as a threesome on a regular basis. Although we help each other to get sex from him, we had never participated with each other. Except that we slept together, we had our side of the bed and he had his.

    Our boyfriend is big into oral sex. He likes to spend a little too much time down there, even when we are ready to fuck, he keeps his nose down there, and then gets on and fucks away like a mad man. He likes to go from flower to flower, while he is deep into his business, we alternate suckling from his penis. This is mostly how it is, the tender moments are when we shower together, or when he holds us and plays with our breasts.

    On this occasion, the day we tried on our own, he was out of town. We had showered that night, for no particular reason, and as always we showered together. We bantered and played, and touched. And we shared a small kiss. When we got to the bed, she laid herself out and asked me to make her happy. To just pretend I was him, and give her a good eating. It is not that I hadn't seen her pussy open like that, I had many times. It is not that I hadn't ever had my face near her naked pussy, I had swapped out pussy for mouth many times. But now she was asking me to perform.

    I put my hair back in a pony tail, and she asked me to get naked so I did. I started with small kisses but she was too hot and she grabbed my head and I had to get down. She was wet in minute and I did my best to get her ready for an orgasm. In the end she had an orgasm only after we got a sex toy out and we kissed while I used the sex toy on her and she played with her clit. It took a long time.

    When he came home, I let her go first, and watched how he did it. No softness, he was into her like a ravenous wolf, his fingers were in and out of her, he fingered her anus, he bit on her clit, when she was ready to explode he got on and fucked her and they both came. Of course he had been without for several days.

    The thing is I am not a guy, I have to be gentle with her. I want to love her, not consume her. I would rather lay beside her and kiss and hand play than go down on her like that. I tried doing what he does, but it is not the same.

    She had tried on me too, I like her being gentle and caressing. Maybe it is because we have him to get angry and hard on us, but for me, a long lovey session of touching, and gentle pressure is what I want with her. And too spoon afterwards under warm blankets.

    Waiting for him to crawl over me, with his erection ready, is way different that having her crawl over me and feeding me her nipples to suck. It is just not the same. I want to hold her and kiss her.

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