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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Finally found a woman who was willing to tie me up in my rubber bodybag, after years of looking. There was a condition though, which I found hard at first....almost called it off....but she waited until I was trussed up in the bag, and she had been wanking me furiously for an hour or more, not allowing me to come, very skillfully. When I was at my wits' end she broke it to me that she was either going to untie me and leave, or she was going to defecate IN the bag, before retying the neck under my feet! I was so aroused I agreed fairly quickly. So she untied the neck, under my feet, and arranged me on the floor, still tied at waist and neck, with my legs up on the sofa, then she produced a shit-storm of diahorrea, that seemed to go on for ever! Now this was a very overweight lady, and she must have been saving it! She also peed copiously at the same time, then retied the bag under my feet, and undid the rope at my waist, allowing the flood to run all the way to my neck! She then loosened the rope there, and suddenly I was drowning in the mess! She rolled me around on the floor until I was coated head to toe, then retied everything as before, and resumed her incredibly intense wanking! My nausea subsided as arousal overwhelmed me again, and so we carried on like this, for the entire day, and never once did I get to come! I had never experienced such arousal, and the mess I was in seemed to recede in importance. When I finally came, I nearly passed out with the intensity of it, only to discover that I stayed fully erect! It dawned on me she must have slipped some Viagra into my food or drink, earlier! So the wanking went on, driving me insane! Then she broke it to me she was ready to go again, and did so, adding a scary amount of the "mix" to the contents of the rubber bag. Now marinating in waste products, from both of us by now, the agonizing ecstasy continued for two more even more wicked orgasms! Then she zipped me away back inside the bag, and gathering me to her ample bosom, went to sleep right there on the deep-pile carpet! When I woke, I was still erect, and the torment resumed, for most of the Sunday too! When she finally tired of the entertainment, she hauled me bodily into the bathroom,. and untied me in the shower, leaving me to finish releasing myself, and to clean up both my self and the bag, laboriously. When I was finally clean, I joined her in the sitting-room, and she said "So, whaddya think? Like that? The truth!" I sighed, and confessed that I thought the price had been worth it! So she demanded if this was going to be anything more than a one-night stand, and............I asked her to move in with me!

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    Sick, nauseating, and strangely attractive! Guess most of us have some deep dark secrets and desires!
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    Utter fake bullshit. Get a life, dude.
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    2 above - I love my life! I married the lady! Been five years now... (1) above - I understand completely, and thank you for yours!

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