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    Straight Male / 22

    This is my first job as an editor out of school and not easy to find. We publish specialty periodicals called "trades" for various companies. We do all the editorial and subcontract printing. When I first started working here a few months ago I noticed Molly the "mail girl" and she is far from a girl, probably in her mid-40's, a bit older than my mom. I never ask a woman her age. Everyone emails messages but junk mail comes in which Molly handles.

    Molly is a bit chunky. If she had a sexy shape it faded years ago. She is sweet, however, and has a biting wit which I find enjoyable. She'll crack a joke and laugh at it herself. It's addictive.

    I enjoy my job and consider it a stepladder to more important work. Thus, I often stay after regular work hours to hand in quality work. Not long ago, my printer ran out of ink so I went to Molly's office where extra supplies were kept. I was surprised to see her still there. She got up from her desk, where she had been reading a book, staring directly at me, pulled up her skirt, revealing a shaved crotch, wearing nothing under her skirt I was all eyes. She then bent over her desk in front of me. I looked up and down the hallway, getting the silent message strongly and felt blood surging to my tool.

    Thinking that Molly was older than my mom, I saw her rather large pussy lips between her legs and thought, Oh, well, any port in the storm, took out my hard cock and slid it into Molly. She breathed a loud gasp and said, "Whoooosh, that's nice and thick." We fucked for half an hour or so, changing positions and she ended up riding me on her desk chair, moving on me beautifully. Whenever I plan to stay late, I send Molly a coded email and she lets me know if she can stay.

    She told me she had a similar affair years ago and I feigned surprise. We are having a great time. We plan to expand our activities to my apartment where we can do much more on my bed. I want to go down on her and bite those large pussy lips, something I have not yet done. Adult life can be fun.

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