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    Next door to our house lived a woman with a fourteen year old girl. We had a pool and she would come over during the summer and swim. At that age she always wore a two piece, nothing too revealing, but a fourteen year old just has a body that makes you get hard. My wife would scold me for looking at her, but what do you expect, a fourteen year old girl bending over to pick up her towel, come on, instant hard on. The afternoon that I got in trouble, she was at our house, like she did almost every afternoon. I was alone with her, I am a corporate pilot so my work schedule varies. She stood there talking to me and she put her finger in her bathing suit and pulled it our of the crack in her ass. When she did her pussy showed in all its glory.

    She always gave me a hard on, and I got a hard on. I had taken a dose of Viagra an hour or so earlier, as it always took some time to be really effective, for when my wife got home. But now it became effective, I had a hard on that would not go down. She sat down and told me that her butt hurt. That she had tried to shave herself and now it hurt. It was then that she noticed my hard on. She stared at me for a minute, and looked up and asked me if it hurt, that she had always wanted to know if it hurt when a guy got a hard on.

    I told her the truth, that not usually, but today it did hurt because I couldn't get relief and having a half naked young woman there wasn't helping. Her hand moved before she spoke, she just grabbed my hard on and moved closer to me. My pants were in the way, the way she had her hand on me. I gently moved her hand and rearranged my pants, she made a comment as to how hard it was. I told her that is why it was called a boner.

    She leaned over and told me that she had touched this boys boner once, but it was not at all like this. My mistake was undoing my belt and opening my pants, and she took my bone hard cock in her hand. I asked her if she had held that boys boner in her hand like that, and she said no, she had only grabbed it in his pants. There was not talk, she leaned down and put it in her mouth and then asked me if I wanted her to do it some more.

    Between mouthing my boner and looking up to talk to me she told she had seen videos of girls giving blow jobs. She wanted to know if she was doing it right. Damn, I have to cut to the chase, I got her to lean over the patio table and I ran my cock up into her pussy all the way. I hit bottom, the way she was positioned, I knocked up against her cervix. She didn't complain, she just leaned over the table while I fucked her until I eventually came, some of it shooting up in her and the rest all over her back and butt. Even after withdrawing I still had a boner, which didn't subside for several more minutes.

    I was leaning back on the chaise lounge, I had fucked this girl. She more or less fixed her bathing suit and wanted to be hugged and kissed. I calmed her down, but I was not calm at all. I told her that this was totally wrong and that she had to keep it to herself no matter what.

    Life was never the same after that, she came over summer, fall, winter and spring. Sometimes she and her mother came over for dinner. She hung out at our house more than she did at her house. She was totally at ease around me, and she liked to stand behind me when I was at the table and put her arms around my neck. There were lots of 'slips' when she would say goodbye and put her arms around my neck for a kiss, and her lips were targeted on mine. My wife told me so many times that she was trouble waiting to happen. But holding her when I hugged her was like holding life itself.

    I never fucked my wife again without, especially when we dog fucked, without reliving that fuck beside the pool that afternoon. I was infatuated with her, she was just as infatuated with me. She was trouble all right, every single day she was trouble. Keeping my hands off of her was torture and she didn't help. How many times did she come and sit beside me and pull he shirt out to show me her nipple? When she turned 17 she told me she was totally legal, she grabbed my pants and told me I had been mean to her. She just couldn't stop fucking. It caused problems with my wife because I couldn't keep up.

    My wife never said anything, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she went off to college. But for me it was terrible, I would lay in bed at night wishing she was right there beside me. When I did fuck my wife, I was thinking of her, she was all young woman by then, and she had me around her finger and she knew it. She swore to me that she never let anyone else have sex with her. I had to believer her, because the idea of some college kid getting in her pants was too painful to imagine.

    You love your wife, and I learned all over again how to love my wife. She never said anything, but I came to understand that she knew all along, even those nights when I lay awake wishing my girl would be beside me.

    Older men should never fall in love with a young girl. The pain is too great. And when the day came I had to let her go, I cried. But a man who needs Viagra, just can't keep up with a twenty three year old woman. Even if I could support her with anything she needed, I couldn't be what she needed. So I had to give her up, and now all I get is a good hug when she sees me, and sometimes a kiss on the cheek and she tells me she still loves me.

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    I didn't fall in love with a young girl, but I have a 24 year old mistress, whose virginity I took when she was twenty-one. We meet for sex once a week, and the sex with her is great (I'm 71 by the way). The trouble is that increasingly I neglect my wife, whom I really love and who is 30 years younger than me. I would actually prefer to have sex with my wife if everything was okay, but her pussy is so much looser than my mistress's that it is way less enjoyable. I'm sometimes really sorry that I ever made that girl my mistress, but I don't like to tell her to get lost since I did take her virginity.

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