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    Lesbian Female / 32

    As I got older and I came into my own, I started to develop an attraction to a certain girl. I was embarrassed, I acted like a fool around her, so much so that she told me to give her some space. Oh God, I cried I was so embarrassed. She stood her ground and asked me what was my problem. Not answering, she said she wasn't gay, sorry. But, from then on she was nice and open with me, when I told her I had never felt that way before, she said I would soon get over it and we would be friends.

    She stuck close to me, shielded me, became my defender. On one occasion a couple of girls called me queer in the cafeteria. She went for the throat, belittling them and accusing them of never being in love. She stood beside me and told everyone who was standing around that she was honored that I loved her, that having me love her made her feel good. She took my hand and we left the cafeteria. When we got far enough away, she turned to me and asked me if I understood that now we were both queers.

    We were the queer girls in school. We were counseled, separated so we never had classes together, or lunch together, warned about any, no matter how miniscule pda. Oh, she took me in her arms the day we graduated and kissed me in front of every one, parents, teachers and schoolmates. Too late, we were out of there.

    Yes she took back what she had said, admitting she was gay, and she knew she was gay that day in the tenth grade. But she had never told any one. Well we were so out no one could do anything. ROAD

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