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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I was living with a girlfriend in 1997 in a big apt. building in Chicago's lincoln park I was working nights and tried to fill my days constructively. It was one of those hot summer days and I decided to do laundry early to best the heat. In the laundry room I chatted with Ed, a married neighbor, he was older, about 45 and he had his days free, he taught at a community college. My laundry was done before his, so i was about to go upstairs, but I decided to say, " We should finish our conversation, when your dryer is done you can bring it up and I will come over and help you with your load." Ed liked this idea and I was knocking on his door in minutes. he said that the clothes basket was on the bed. I walked over and and put the basket on the floor and said, " I hope you dont mind, I do my nest when Im on my knees." Ed asked if he could get me something while I was down there and I asked as innocently as I could, " Anything?" Ed smiled, put his hands on his hips and said I could help myself to anything i wanted. I slowly pulled his gym shorts down and gasped at this limp but obviously huge cock. I gobbled it down and felt it get hard as I sucked that massive head and stroked his shaft. Ed had 10" cock that was also thick. He gently held the top of my head and slowly thrusted his hips and fucked my mouth. I grabbed his ass and would guide that cock as far as I could take it. I gagged many times, but never stopped sucking until he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and sucked the last drop out of him. That was the start of many cocksucking sessions that summer.
    After a couple of weeks of trying to deepthroat that monster cock, I started to relax my throat and breath through my nose. The first time he entered my throat Ed moaned loudly, but I gagged after a second or two. Ed just patiently let me try again and this time I lasted quite a while. Eventually, I could easily take that cock all the way down until his balls would rest on my chin. Ed would sometimes hold my head and fuck my throat, other times I would grab his ass and hold him deep in my throat. I started laying on my back on the bed, with my head hanging upside down over the edge of the bed. Ed would stand and fuck my throat as if he were fucking a pussy or ass. After a while he could hammer away and really pound my throat.
    Ed invited his friend jack over one morning and as soon as I walked in, jack said that Ed had told him that i was quite a cocksucker. I laughed and told Jack that he shouldnt just take Ed's word for it. jack unzipped and i was pulling out his 8" cock and eagerly sucking it. He got hard quickly and he slid that cock as far as he could, I just relaxed my throat and he slid all the way in. he moaned with delight and grabbed my head and fucked my throat roughly. he came deep down my throat and I swallowed all of his cum. I eagerly turned to ed sucked him dry too. jack would make comments as I sucked Ed, like what a good cocksucking bitch I was, or how i loved sucking cock. I sucked them both twice that morning. it was fantatstic. I probably sucked their cocks many times after that, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes together, sometimes separately. Jack would sometimes pick me up in his work van and I would suck his cock for lunch, or for a late morning blow. Those were the days.

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    There are a lot more bisexual men having dude sex than anyone might suspect. I am a bi, married man who gets more dick that my "out gay" cousin.

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