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    Straight Female / 47

    UNATTRACTIVE SON OF A B****, HE WASN’T MY FIRST HE WASN’T MY LAST, HE WASN’T MY EVERYTHING. HE FEELS GUILTY WHEN HE MASTURBATES, NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME, WE BOTH MET AT SCHOOL AND GOT HONORS AND IF YOU PULL ANYTHING F***** UP OR FUNNY THEY WILL F****** WELL KILL YOU YOURSELF. I HATE THEM, CHUCK NO SHEEN AND CHRIS TICKER IN MONEY TALKS. IT WASN’T AN AFFAIR HE RAPED ME. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOUR MESSING WITH, HOW FAR BECK DO WE HAVE TO GO, REDLIGHT, GRUNT LIGHT? PICKY POOP? WE NOT BOYS MAN. I WILL BEAT YOUR ASS WITH YOUR BASEBALL BAT IN THE FUCKER COLD IN THEIR THAT FREEZE CHOPPPER – JAIL CHOPPER ERIC BANNA. gheto fabulas, rich piece of pussy, hustler. you hustling son of rich bitch. that is not ride, now that is a ride, that is there ride. fucked up suit. film words can kill, there are people here slapping each others brothers around ozzzie ass and Argon and royal wedding half and half cheese dick dips.

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