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    Straight Female / 28

    This is a complaint not a confession.

    I met my husband at work. He is a bit older than me, ten years. He is an engineer and I worked in Human Resources. When I met him I was 25 and I was unable to resist and I got into a love affair with him. It felt like we fucked every day, but of course we didn't. I learned that he had a daughter, who was then 12. He never married her mother.

    I turned 27 and I found myself pregnant. Bad timing, or as I have been accused, subconsciously wanting it. Either way, we got married. So here is my complaint.

    His daughter's mother is 30, the girl is 14 now. They didn't get married because of her age. She is a college graduate, and makes more money than me. Yet he supports her completely. He pays for her house, for her car, for her clothes, for her food, for everything. He supports her completely, she has credit cards that he pays, what she does with her money I don't know because he pays for everything.

    I am married three months, and I know he goes by to check on her, but this was a Saturday and he goes over there and he comes back and he is nervous and all and I start questioning him and he admits that he fucked her. He always fucks her, he never stopped fucking her. He fucked her while we were dating. He comes home and admits to me that he was over at her place fucking her. He admits that he loves to fuck her, that he fucks me but it is not the same, it's when he fucks her he feels good. She gets fucked more than I do.

    And there is more, turns out that she is on all of his beneficiary claims. I am married, I am pregnant, and she is the beneficiary of his life insurance, his savings accounts, everything including 401k. Because, get this, she is the 'rightful wife'. And as the rightful wife she has instructions to look after me if something happens to him. But she is the rightful wife and she is the executrix on his will.

    Now, you would think that it is all out in the open and that I committed the worst mistake of my life. But no, there is more. The rightful wife is jealous that the new wife is pregnant, she wants a baby too. When she found out I was pregnant she threw away all her precautions and is fucking like crazy to get pregnant. She is also lobbying to get together, to live together. Because, even while I was dating, he always practically lived with her, he has clothes over there, shoes, tools, food in the refrigerator, his side of the bed. His apartment was just that, an apartment. No wonder it was such a depressing place, because he was going over there, fucking the shit out of her, and she was making the bed and fixing him breakfast, because, you got it, she is the RIGHTFUL WIFE.

    And now the rightful wife wants to live together. She is jealous as shit, she is getting pregnant and she is asserting her claim on him, and I have no choice other than to leave or put up with her and give into her place as the rightful wife, new baby and all.

    I thought I could handle the baggage of his 14 year old daughter, who is sweet and caring and understanding. I was never told that his baggage included her mother. And I have been advised to stay married till after the baby was born. Walking around in my nightgown in the morning with my newborn and sitting at the breakfast table with her in her pijamas and her smile because she is oh so happy now with her news and how neat it is that we are going to have babies together. YUK, I don't like her house and I don't like living here. And her stupid pregnancy.

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    Get yourself a good lawyer.

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