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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband and I had short separation. He is so possessive and thinks I must worship the ground he walks on. We have two small children which we both adore. I got frustrated with his behavior. My parents agreed to let me move in with them. My husband told me I would regret my decision. I work so for two weeks it was all work and hanging out with my sons. I started craving sex and masturbation wasn’t enough. After my oldest sons soccer practice I was visiting the coach. We were both separated from our spouses. He asked for a date which I accepted. After eating out we went to his place and had sex like it was a honeymoon. He became a regular sex partner. One of my husband’s good friends started flirting with me so we would arrange to have sex. I have a coworker that I would meet for sex. After being separated two months I had more sex than I had the previous year. My husband came over to talk one night and wanted me to come home so we could have sex. I turned him down because I had the coworkers cum in me at that time. I didn’t tell him why I said no and he got angry. He said I would be begging him back before long. After 6 months I did get back with my husband and we are family again. He is treating me much better. He doesn’t know how much I was used by others during our separation.

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