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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband and I had short separation. He is so possessive and thinks I must worship the ground he walks on. We have two small children which we both adore. I got frustrated with his behavior. My parents agreed to let me move in with them. My husband told me I would regret my decision. I work so for two weeks it was all work and hanging out with my sons. I started craving sex and masturbation wasn’t enough. After my oldest sons soccer practice I was visiting the coach. We were both separated from our spouses. He asked for a date which I accepted. After eating out we went to his place and had sex like it was a honeymoon. He became a regular sex partner. One of my husband’s good friends started flirting with me so we would arrange to have sex. I have a coworker that I would meet for sex. After being separated two months I had more sex than I had the previous year. My husband came over to talk one night and wanted me to come home so we could have sex. I turned him down because I had the coworkers cum in me at that time. I didn’t tell him why I said no and he got angry. He said I would be begging him back before long. After 6 months I did get back with my husband and we are family again. He is treating me much better. He doesn’t know how much I was used by others during our separation.

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    Some men just dont get it that a decent looking woman can get laid anytime she wants. Theres plenty of horn dogs flirting with them constantly. They usually have their pick.

    Be careful what you wish for husbands....
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    Both should have talked things over.Extramarital sex has its own consequences.Are you sure the coach hasn't told anybody about you?Your parents should have chipped in to talk to your husband and sorted things out.

    also,what's being possessive? Define this.I refuse to accept that NOT allowing wife to sleep around is being possessive---if that's what you meant initially.
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    Sounds like you'll fuck anything that walks
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    Are those who ' used" you going to leave you alone?They might have video recorded the "interesting using you sessions".They might blackmail you and or try to embarrass your children.What a mess you have got yourself in.
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    WHORE plain and simple.
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    That's a pretty common story. I knew two women who did pretty much the same as you - got themselves well and truly fucked while their partner took a holiday. In fact I remember that when I was introduced to one of them she said "How are you? Do you like sex?" When I said "Yes" she said "You'll be alright with me then". In the end I didn't ever have sex with her, but she told me she was screwing around as much as possible because her (church-going!) husband had gone off with a younger woman, but was telling her he wanted to come home, so she was getting her revenge by letting as many men as possible fuck the ass off her before agreeing to allow him back. The other one was pretty similar. I did have sex with her a few times - she was very pretty. She also told me she was sleeping around a lot, and I even knew men who had screwed her, but all she really wanted was for her previous lover (not the husband I think) to come back to her. That's more or less why our relationship didn't last, but I must say she was brilliant in bed, nice-looking, intelligent and had a good job. I could have considered her as a serious partner, but she obviously still had too many issues.

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