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    I came back from college without a job. I submitted applications around town but did not land a job. My mother heard of a position for a nanny to a woman who had four children, all preschool age. I went over there on my mother's insistence, and I talked with the woman. She wasn't very old, actually she was 29, her name was Lilian, she was rather pretty, dressed well, was composed but a bit rattled with the kids. She told me during the interview that I needed to understand that her situation was a bit unconventional. The children were all of the same father, and he provided for her and the children, but he wasn't her husband. She was his girlfriend.

    I sat there with my 23 years of experience wondering how a girlfriend had four kids back to back. I asked her, if they were planned. Her answer was short, yes by him. More came out, he was married with a large family of a wife and six kids, and he had her, she had worked for him and he started popping babies with her. She talked, she told me far more than she should have told me. She told me that if he wanted me to have babies then I would have babies. He was that type of man. Wait until I met him and I would see.

    I told her that I wasn't really looking for a nanny job, it is just that I hadn't found anything. I agreed to help her until she found someone permanent or I found a job. She hung on to me, she talked about anything and everything, from the inane to the most intimate. I didn't really want to hear about it, but she told me anyway, about how he had sex with her in his office, how he told her that rarely had he wanted someone so bad as her so he was going to take her. She was there, he wanted her, so he took her.

    Again, she told me once I met him I would understand. You don't say no to him.

    Several weeks passed and I had no luck getting another job. In part because I was spending all day with Lilian, from around 7 a.m. to after 8 at night. I met him, he came over several times before I left. He was just a middle aged man. He was nice to the kids and he seemed nice to her. But she warmed me, just wait until he wanted me.

    The day he took me to be his was like any other normal day. It was just all normal. I had helped the children bathe and get ready for bed, I was helping get their dinner. He was there, he sat at the kitchen table reading the paper. His question came at me without any preparation. "Who owns you?" I said nobody. He answered "well then I own you." I was going to answer something but Lilian interrupted and changed the subject. She helped get the children to bed, I went with her to nurse the baby.

    She just said "you're going to have a baby", "he likes you", "he likes how you take care of the children", and he said "well she will do". "You're going to have a baby".

    I sat in the bedroom across from him, he told me to undress. It was just not going to work, saying no or resisting or anything, I got undressed and let him turn me around and look at me. He really didn't talk that much, other than to tell me what to do. I turned down the bed, I went and got a towel in the bathroom and laid it across the sheets, I got on the towel and laid back on the pillow. When he came across, I opened my legs and I was on my way to becoming a mother for him, to have his next child.

    Children come easy that way, at least for me having the children was easy. Maybe it was easier because I lived with Lilian, maybe it was easier because she had another one. It really didn't matter very much, you have children.

    You just have to know him. Then you will understand.

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    The only reason women don't say no to him is because he has a knack for recognizing women who have no self-worth. He looks for young and dumb and he's found it twice.
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    He's a JERK. Born. Needs a bullet in the head.
    Please... Leave a name and an address.
    The writer? Your worth NOTHING, not even worth as a mother.
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    You girls are some ultra fine women. Just keep fucking and be happy. These kids won't turn out like the first two commenters kids. This is a refreshing story. Everybody happy and constructive to the human race until people like #1 and 2 get involved. What I understand is their kids will probably be robbing, r****g, and butt fucking each other. HaHaHa
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    Fetishists are the most stupid people in the world. They have no brains to see what the real world around them are. They really do believe that people will believe their stories as a truth.

    How many similar powerplay to babymaker stories have you posted here now?

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