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    Straight Female / 32

    New Years Eve Groping!

    Me and my husband go to casinos and events all the time on the Vegas strip. We live close by.
    We wanted to see the fireworks from the strip. It's something we do every year.

    We like the view at the Bellagio. This time, though it was packed. Everyone was drunk and the strip was closed down for the block party. It was such a good time leading up to the fireworks.

    The spot we found was perfect and I kid you not, you could not move without bumping into someone there.
    I was dressed nice in my low cut, leopard dress. I was wearing pumps and my skirt came down about mid-thigh.
    My husband loves me to wear garters so I did have a pair on clipped to my stockings.
    While we were waiting, I lifted my skirt to give him a peek. He was really excited and started hugging me.
    He does this sometimes when he's trying to grab my ass. I had to keep slapping his hand. I told him to wait till later.

    Well the fireworks show started and it was so exciting. The load explosions and the flashing lights made my heart pound. My husband puts his arm around me and plants a big kiss on my lips as I feel his hand reach down and cup my ass. He is still kissing me so I can't yell at him. I know there's some guys standing right behind us and I don't want to give them a free show. I reach back and move his hand. He starts laughing and moves his hand back on my hip.
    A few minutes later his hand is back on my rear but he starts rubbing my lower hip and lifts my skirt up a bit, but I tell him to behave before he can get too far. This goes on for a few minutes. I do let him get away with more and more each time but when he pinched my ass, I accidentally slapped him on the nose. I could tell his feelings were hurt.

    Now it's been about twenty to thirty minutes of intense fireworks and load cheering. My husband seemed a little bummed but I was going to make it up to him later. I was starting to feel guilty so when I felt his hand start going up my skirt, I didn't stop him. It was pretty dark and was pretty sure that if anyone was looking, they couldn't see anything. So he is rubbing my ass, really playing my crack. I was pretty wet by then and was hoping he would stop before I got too aroused. It was nice but a little frantic. His hand was getting caught on my garter straps, so he unsnapped one side. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. It was really exciting. Next, his hand traced up my hip and paused on my panty waistline. I could feel him sliding his fingers under my panties. I tried to say something to him but he was not looking at me. He was looking up, like he was ignoring me. Maybe he was testing me to see if I would stop him.

    With one good push, he had my panties down past my ass cheeks and my skirt dropped in place covering the action. Good. I was worried about that. While the skirt fabric was still settling over my now, bare ass, his fingers slipped into me. It was like getting hit by lighting. I could feel and actually hear the slapping as my pussy was getting finger fucked. For some reason, his fingers felt bigger and rougher. He hits my ass so hard that I can feel my butt cheeks parting with every strike. It was like getting spanked and fucked at the same time. I was holding on to my purse with one hand and my phone with the other. I was originally trying to get a video of the fireworks but I could not hold the phone steady. I can't believe that this is happening. I look over but my husband is still looking up. I wanted to see what had come over him.

    As I'm staring at him, I notice something is wrong. I'm getting bumped forwards and have to push back to keep from falling forward. He looks like he's not moving. It takes a couple of seconds to realize that he can't be fingering me and stand so still. My body suddenly goes rigid and I squeeze my thighs together by instinct. I feel that hand start to pull out but he gets snagged in my panties. I was paralyzed until his hand pulled free. I reached back and felt a guys body right behind me. He was so close that I stepped back on his foot. It was a middle-aged black guy. I couldn't see him very well except from the light from the fireworks. He was zipping up his pants and looking guilty. There were some other guys with him but I couldn't see anything. They sort of melted away into the crowd. I yelled at the guy and my husband turns around at the same time looking surprised.

    When he asked me what was wrong, I told him that a guy had grabbed my ass. He asked me if I was alright. I told him I was but I didn't tell him what else had happened. I was really ashamed. At the time, I felt it was my fault.
    I couldn't believe how stupid I had been. It only made me feel even more angry when he said, "See, I'm not the only one that wanted to feel your ass."

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    You sound like your a pretty uptight sort. You should have relaxed and let her husband have his fun to start with. So next time hubby wants to play around with you embrace it.
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    We had similar experiences. Garters, short skirts, rufflebut panties on me in a crowded bar with music blaring. Hands are all over me. I've been fingered many times standing right next to my husband!

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