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    Straight Female / 42

    I was a conservative soccer mom with a loving husband who is a good father and provider. Grew up in a very conservative household been married to my husband for 18 years been faithful to him all that time with 4 children.
    The sex life i had with my husband wasnât great but it wasnât bad either. I never been with another man so there was no one I could have compare him too. Most of the time when me and my husband had sex was just missionary. My husband sex past is also limited but they were just passive. He also said they werenât as beautiful as me. I did a little messing around with a boy before I met my husband but nothing too sexual. I thought my husband 6 in penis was more than enough.

    My name is Patricia and I was 40 years old when this story happen and I can say
    proudly that I pass as 30. My breasts are 36D all the fat around my waist went to my butt and tights. I have green eyes, high check bones and very light skin but I usually get a golden tan when Iâm out in the sun. I have light brown hair. I dress modest, appropriately for a women my age. I refuse to dress provocative. My husband name is Mike and he has insisted on me dressing a little more sexy. The most I can do is put on a skirt thatâs a little above my knee caps and expose a little bit of cleavage. Some guys have tried talking me but I turn everyone down. Is not that I donât find other guys attractive is that I donât feel the urge of being with another man. My husband is 2 years older always been faithful to me. Heâs good looking too.
    Things change when our new neighbors moved in. They were a young married white couple in their mid 20âs. Their names were Alexa and John. Alexa is a red head girl who I shocked when she found out I wasnât 30. Little by little we developed a friendship with Alexa and John.
    One Halloween night the young couple invited us to a party. Our kids were away with their cousins. It was the first time I had gone to a party in a long time especially a party full of young adults. So me and my husband invited some long time friends. Steve and Dawn were around our age and a couple who our neighbors that are close to our age also came to the party which was good because now me and Mike didnât feel as the only older white couple in a party full of young people.

    That night, 3 girls stand out in the party which were a young blonde girl who seem easy with all of the guys and two really hot Hispanic girls. These girls invited 4 other girls, Some black girls who were very good looking who appear to be mixed with Mexican or Indian. Dawn my friend, was getting a little annoyed that Steve and Mike eyes were focus on all this young girls. It didnât bothered me but Dawns insecurity did annoyed me. I felt challenge to prove I can get attention so I went up to Alexa and told her that I was willing to put on that costume she recommended me to wear earlier but that i rejected. I grab the costume and put it on. It was a sexier witch costume, Typical Halloween sexy costumes girls wear. I was a little worried though because I was breastfeeding and I had more Milk than a women should. It was a dark purple garment.

    I return to the party and Dawn, Steve, and Mike jaws dropped. The dress push my boobs up and made them look firm. Since I was breastfeeding my boobs look bigger than how they usually do. The costume cover my stomach but it showed lot of legs.

    âOMG you look hot, better than the girls in this partyâ Dawn said, while looking at the girls at the party and giving them a nasty look.

    â Yasss patty I knew you had in youâ Alexa said to me.

    âY ou look amazing, honey. Canât wait till we get home and I take that costume away from you.â Mike, my husband said to me.

    âThank you sweetie. It mAkes me feel good to know that you still feel that about me. I finish my drink,can you go get me another one please.â I said back to my husband.

    I was feeling a little flattered that I got attention from some younger guys in the party.

    âHey buddy sheâs my friends wife!â Steve jokingly said to one kid in the party who wanted to talk to me.

    âDay one bro, I seeâ I said laughing to Steve.

    He grinned and shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I started drinking more and getting more into the party vibe. I was by myself by now. Mike and Steve were playing poker with some guys and Dawn was in a conversation with the neighbors our age.

    One black guy in particular stand out in the party. Dawn was worried out him for the way he dressed with baggy clothes and tattoos but I had a feeling it was because he was black. He was 6â2 buff and dark as charcoal black. A lot of the girls seem to throw themselves at him. However he seem to stare directly at me. Next thing you know I saw him whispering with the pretty blonde girl Dawnâs husband, Steve kept drooling all over for. Suddenly I felt someone tap me on my shoulder.

    âExcuse me?â I heard a young women voice behind me.

    I turned and said hello. It was the young blonde girl.

    âMy friend says whatâs up?â she said to me.

    I wasnât really interested. I was happily married and never had an interest in black men. One time in the street a black guy gave me a compliment but I found him unattractive.

    &acir c;Well why doesnât he do it himself. Why is he telling you to tell me.â I answer back annoyed.

    The blond girl gave me a puzzled smile and went back to the black guy. He then look at me and approach me. He tower over my 5â6 height even my husband who is 5â10 look small compare to him.

    âHow you doing shoudy, Iâm not trying to be fronting but Iâm just trying to skip that wootie wootâ the black guy said something like that.

    âCan I help you with something? sorry but I have no idea what you talking about?â I said back. Heâs attention towards me seem to get one of the pretty light skin black girls mad.

    âYou know maybe you should go back, I donât think your gf back there likes you talking to meâ I said to him.

    âNaw mamma no reason to be jealous Iâm no ones manâ he said back to me. gosh he was so full of himself.

    Leroy seem to feel as if I can automatically fall for him. He look handsome for a black man but he was clearly barking at the wrong tree. I dismiss myself and told him I was going back to my husband who was on the other side of the party.

    â Oh shit my bad you married?â he said to me.

    âYes happily married and not only that, I can also be your mom, so if you excuse me I must leave.â I said to him as I curved him. By this time I was feeling the alcohol.

    âNaw you canât be that older than meâ he said back holding my arm.

    â Let go of me or Iâll scream.â I said to him in a stern tone.

    âoh you a bad chick hu? Just dance with me and Iâll leave you alone after. Come onâ he said back with a wink and a devilish seductive smile.

    âMy husband is there! I canâtâ I said to him.

    âCome one just once dance girl, thatâs all Iâm asking. I promiseâ he said back.

    I took a deep breath and thought what what was going to come out my mouth next. âOkâ I said back not convinced on my part.

    We moved to a more crowded area surrounded by lots of young couples dancing. Leroy shared with me that he was 28 years old I told him a little bit of myself. The small dance floor started getting more crowded and Leroy began to dance more closer to me. I was feeling a little uncomfortable. But the music, the alcohol started loosing me up. I stop and turn around and look for a way out but the crowded room made me push back. I guess that gesture gave Leroy the wrong idea because he puts his crotch behind me and put his hands on my hips.

    âWhat are you doing?â I said to him.

    âShh itâs just dancing girl, see everyone is doing itâ, he said back. âBesides Its crowded up in this bitch so I really canât go anywhere. Why donât you just just relax and feel the rhythm of the music.â

    That&ac irc;s when I felt his penis. I was in disbelief. It seem surreal for someone to have monstrous thing. I was curious to feel more so I push back to meet his thrust. I started grinding on him to my surprise I began dancing like all the other girls at the party. I moved my reared up and down on his crotch. I bend down and put my hands on a couch near. I swayed my hips side to side. I close my eyes and softly bump my head to the sound of the beat. I put my hands up and just dance. He had his hands on my hips then close to my lap. Thatâs when I came to my senses.
    I quickly step way from Leroy and went to look for my husband.

    âIâm sorry I canât do this. Itâs very inappropriate for a married women my age to dance with a young guy like you. â I said to him.

    Leroy came to look for me. âYou going to leave me hanging like thatâ Leroy said to me.

    âMy husband is drunk I need to drive him home. Thanks for the dance but I gotta go.â I said back.

    I found Mike drunk and I put him in a chair and i leaned on this small bar Counter. Leroy came over again to talk to me. He got close and began caressing with the tip of his fingers my leg. I move away because I notice Mike was watching from the other side. I was going to grab a beer when I accidentally drop it. I kneel down to pick it up but when I look up, I saw Leroy sticking his penis out in front of me as I was in my knees. No one seem to notice and I peek from the bottom right side of the bar to look for Mike. I saw him wandering around probably looking for me.

    âYou caused this you know that right,â Leroy said to me as he stick his penis out proudly to me.

    I was mad what was he thinking? I was married, he was black? âHow dare you?â I said. âWhy donât you go and let a whore handle that for you,â

    âWell if you donât want to suck it why donât you jerk me off? besides what yo husband going to do to meâ

    âYou want me to masturbate you? Me? Masturbate you?â I said to him with a disgusted look.

    âYe aâ he answered without hesitation.

    I didnât want Leroy hurting my husband. Leroy shared with me earlier that heâs been in prison before. He told me to grab it and give it a few strokes. I stop and so many thoughts came through my mind. How much bigger could his penis possibly get? I also sympathize with him having his penis swollen just like my breasts were at the moment. If I didnât do this perhaps he would have bother me the whole party and cause problems with my husband. I had to make a quick decision.

    âFine Iâll do it!!â I couldnât believe the words that were coming out of my mouth.

    âSo what do I do?â I said to him.

    â come on girl, donât act like you donât know what you doing?â he reply back.

    Truth is, I had no idea what I was doing. I rarely gave my husband a hand job. I put my hand around his shaft and in disbelief it started getting bigger close to 10 inches my hand couldnât even grip around it. I began to jerk him off. It had pass 20 minutes and my hands were getting tired.

    âMy hands are getting tired, I donât think this is going to workâ I said.

    âUse your mouth, sweetheartâ he said back.

    âEewww no! Iâm not putting my mouth on that thingâ I said.

    âNaw I mean talk dirty to meâ he said.

    â Say how much you like big black cock, come on say itâ

    âI love big black cockâ I said. âI want this big black cock in my pussyâ

    â Is this bigger than your husband?â

    âYes, you are bigger than my husbandâ

    âWhy donât you get naked?â Said Leroy.

    âIâm not taking my dress off. Period!â, I answered furious.

    âWell then let me see them tittysâ, reply Leroy.

    âNot happeningâ I said back putting my hands over my breast.

    It was getting difficult to make him come so I began using both hands at the same time. Thats when Leroy without my permission pulled my top down exposing my breasts to him. I was flushed with embarrassment when this happen.

    âDamn girl, them some big ass titties!â Leroy said.

    âWtf is wrong with you? deal is off asshole!â I yelled at him.

    âNaw Naw girl we almost done here this would help me come faster, chill girlâ he said.

    He began pinching my nipple giving me an inch of pleasure.
    âOohâ I moaned a littleâ¦.âYou pull
    something like this again and the deal is offâ I added.

    âKiss itâ, Leroy said.

    âBut youâre going to cum in my mouthâ

    âBab y all I need from you is one kiss and Iâll promise I wonât.â

    Without thinking I gave it a long deep kiss. It didnât taste bad so I began licking the tip.

    âAaah fuck! Shit thatâs it girl, let me put my dick in your tits and Iâll come right nowâ

    & acirc;You promise youâll be done by now.â I said.

    âYea yea I know, come on, come on, itâs coming now, here take it, take it girlâ Leroy said.

    Leroy began putting his cock in between my large tits. He started jerking his penis between my tits. It gave my swollen breasts a little bit of relief. I gave his penis another deep kiss and I licked his whole cock then I put his penis next to my tits grabbing my tits with both of my hand. Thatâs when he began spraying buckets of cum in my tits. I didnât want to ruin my costume so I open my mouth and wrap my lips around his penis. I gave him head willingly.

    âIve come this far so why stop?â I said to myself.

    I was bobbing my head back and forth. I grab my breasts and hand dried the sperm of my chest. I noticed Leroy looking at me as I did this. So i lifted my breasts up to him so he can get a better view as I sucked his dick. If Iâm already giving him a blow job then why not do the best I could. He seem to get more aroused and lean his head back with a grin. Then he push the back of my head into his penis shoving it down my throat while he played with my nipples. Nothing was more important right there to me than to please this black stranger.

    âDa mn Patty, that was amazing!!! I never had a bitch that ever suck me up like thatâ Leroy said.

    I looked up as my eyes met his eyes.
    âAh thatâs it let me see them pretty eyes while you suck that dick.â Leroy said.

    âGo ahead and feel lucky, I never ever gave anybody head, ever.â I answered back.

    âNot even to your husband?â Leroy said

    âNopeâ I said back giggling.

    While I was sucking the last drop of sperm from his cum, a drunk girl came to ask for a drink. Before she saw what we were doing I got up as fast as put my top back on. I lean toward the bar table and gave her a drink. Thatâs when Leroy began shoving his cock slowly into my pussy. I turned my head slightly back and said to him.

    âW hat are you doing? Stop youâre too big for me, youâre hurting me.â I said to him.

    âHell noâ, Leroy replied back.

    âI already suck your dick. Ugh! You should...*pant*..... leave already, my husband is hereâ I said to him.

    âIm going to fuck this pussy whether you want it or not after I fuck you, youâre going to be begging for this black cockâ, Leroy answered back.

    âAaaah!â I moaned as I tilted my head back.

    It was so painful I was trying to get away. My fingers clawed the edge of the the bar table.I let out a loud groan that made Mike look our way. I kept it discreet the bar area was crowded and Leroy blended with the darkness behind me.

    âYou been teasing me all night you going to find out what real fucking is girlâ, said Leroy.

    Leroy began grabbing me from the hips and waist; he started fucking me harder. He slapped one ass cheek with one hand. His penis was so deep it felt as it was touching my womb. Pain started tuning into pleasure I couldnât take it anymore, I let it take a hold of me.

    âFuck! Oh fuck ooh! Fuck me with that big black cockâ, I yelled as I close my eyes and push back.

    By now Mike was fully awake and was in a conversation. Mike was in a conversation he turned and look at me with an odd look on his face. The place was too crowded so he couldnât really see Leroy behind me. I smile to my husband not to draw suspicion while I was getting fucked from behind. The party was crowded and the room was dark for a moment I lean back pull down my shirt and began rubbing my nipples while I was facing the same direction of Mike. Mike was smiling at me and I wink back to him. He didnât realize that right then his wife was getting rammed from behind.

    â Youâre body was made to fuck black cock, girl.â Leroy said.

    âYes!!â I answered.

    âThis is my pussy now, I own this pussy.â Leroy said.

    âFuck this white pussy! Own it, make me your slut.â

    â You fucking little slutâ Leroy said back.

    As soon as Mike turned away, Leroy began fucking me harder pulling my hair. He laid down on his back and I went down with him began riding him reverse cowgirl. We were behind the bar counter and he began squeezing my tits.

    I didnât care who saw, didnât care if I got caught all I care was that this stranger was fucking my brains out. We stop for a bit and walk outside in the back. Leroy had already his pants unzipped and sat down on a bench. I sat on top of him and put my tits all over his face as he began sucking on them and putting his lips in between my tits. I started riding him as he slap my ass with both of his hands. He then began grabbing my ass cheeks. He grab my waist and ass and began impaling me on and off from his dick. I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing him passionately. I was getting tired so I put my head down and use my knees for support to do the work. With hair all over my face I tossed it back and lean back. I was on my back and arched my back from the orgasm I was experiencing yet Leroy seems to show no signs of stopping. I was feeling myself, with one hand I caress my neck and move them in between my breasts. Thatâs when I look to my left and I saw Mike watching me with a confused look on his face. I couldnât tell if he was sad or mad but what I did saw a huge bulge he had in his pants. I ignored my husband and went back to animal fucking with Leroy. We started kissing and he was kissing my neck.

    âyou fucking slut!â Mike said to me.

    âBaby Iâm sorry, but is just that he fucks better than youâ

    â But how could you? We been married for over 15 years, your the mother of my children, what happened to the innocent girl I married. How long have you known him?â

    âJust toni...ght ....ohhhhh! Yes!â I said while getting fucked.

    âJust tonight?â my husband said back.
    âWhat is wrong with you, How could you have sex with someone you just met? What kind of person are you?â

    I felt bad but I was just way into this dick that I didnât seem to care.

    â Sheâs a slut now bro. Take notes small dick, this is how you fuck your ladyâ Leroy said to mike.

    Mike was furious and tried to punch Leroy but he grab mikes arm and began to squeeze it. I felt bad and put both of my hands over my mouth.

    âSto p youâll hurt himâ, I pleaded.

    I went and gave a hug to mike leaving my ass exposed to Leroy. Thatâs when Leroy began fucking me doggy style.

    âL et me make it up for you honâ I said to Mike.
    I began to suck Mike dick.

    I was now experienced. All of sudden Leroy pulled out. I turned around and said to Leroy.

    âWhy you pulled out?â

    Next thing you know I felt a pain in my asshole.

    âShit! Why?!â I said.

    âShut up bitch, you going to take it up your ass like the slut that you areâ Leroy said back.

    I rolled my eyes back bit my bottom lip and raised my ass higher as I rested my chest in the grass. Mike step away and began jacking off. Anal sex was painful and it felt like it torn my ass apart. With the lube it got better but luckily he went slow. After I was done I walked away from the party barely waking. I was leaning on mike for support. Some of the people in the party knew what had happened. I was the novelty at the party. Leroy ride had left so we drove Leroy and one of his friend home. I sat in the back with Leroy while Mike drove. On the way to his house I gave Leroy a blow job the whole way back. I had my ass in the air as Leroy massage my pussy. Cars passed by and saw the whole view some even honk. I woke up in bed next to an Adonis god. Leroy penis was there in display for me to see. I couldnât believe I was able to take all of that penis. I also couldnât believe everything I did last night. I walked downstairs and found my husband, Mike laying in a couch.

    I tried going back to normal after that. But kind of hard to forget that when Iâm pregnant with my 5th child. Leroy being the Dad of course. Thereâs no way of hiding it. Everyone knows that my baby belongs to another man.

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    oh you're such a good soccer mom slut.
  • 2
    Total and utter bullshit.
  • 3
    Second time this has been posted and still unbelievable. You fucked him and did all that in front of a party full of people? Right, in your dream maybe...
  • 4
    This is not a short story site. You are not supposed to write bullshit fantasy stories here. You are supposed to write your own experiences as to confess what YOU YOURSELF have experienced IN REAL LIFE.

    Are you too stupid to understand that?
  • 5
    And he's even called Leroy - oh, please, go for something a bit more convincing.
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    I knew this story was fake

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