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    Straight Female / 29

    I thought I was grown up. I was 23, I was a college graduate with a good job. I was single and I had moved out of my parent's home into a nice apartment. I paid my bills, I had bought a car.

    The man that came into my apartment just had one thing on his mind. I couldn't act, he acted. He pushed me on my back, he slapped my leg and spread my legs open, I tried to close them and he slapped my leg again and told me to hold my legs open for him. Laying there on my back with my legs open, I had never done that in front of anyone, except the doctor when I was being examined, and there had always been a nurse there. I was worried that my panties were dirty, I hadn't changed before I went out. I wasn't on my period or anything, but I could smell myself.

    He had undone his pants and standing there naked with nothing but his shirt on, he had an erection. The only time I had seen an erection or touched an erection was in high school. But now he was going to use his erection to fuck me. He said he wanted pussy, to get my panties off and spread my legs. He took off his shirt, he was naked, he had his hands on my knees, he told me to move up the bed and take off my top, he wanted tits.

    I was clumsy, I couldn't move up and hold my legs open, I had to sit up to take off my top. He said he wanted a blow job first, to suck him and keep my legs open. He knelt in front of me, between my legs, I sucked him. I had never sucked a penis, I liked sucking him, it felt good in a strange way. I felt his fingers in my pussy. I stopped, but he told to keep sucking him, he fingered me. That felt good too.

    He pushed me back by the forehead on to my back. He told me I was a tease and he was going to fuck me. He leaned over me and he inserted his penis in me, it felt good. Everything felt good. Kissing me, grabbing my tits, fucking me, it all felt good. He pushed back and he put his mouth on me, his tongue went down into my vagina, and then down further between my legs, he pushed my legs up, to hold my legs open so he could lick my asshole. I thought I peed a little, it felt like it. He licked my asshole for few minutes with the point of his tongue and then his whole tongue, then he got on me and finished fucking me.

    I lay awake after he fell asleep. I kept thinking of him licking my asshole, that felt good in a really bad sort of way. I couldn't imagine anyone licking another person's asshole. And he had stuck his tongue in my mouth afterwards. But I had let him while he finished fucking me.

    I got up and went and peed. I straightened out the bed and covers, he didn't wake up. I put on a nightgown because I was cold. He was naked. I feel asleep. He woke me in the morning, he grabbed me by the sides and told me to spread them and weep, I was getting a morning fuck. It was fast and felt good, but as soon as he got off I had to go pee again. When I went back to the room he was on his back and all he said was come suck me baby.

    I think that is when I grew up. Sucking him there in the morning, I had been fucked twice, and I was sucking him. I was grown up now. I was sucking the penis that fucked my pussy. That made me a grown up.

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    aww, hell yeah! made my cock hard reading this.
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    Made me get wet, but then again any story with a pussy in it makes me get wet.
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    Cool. Your account of what occurred may be imagined by a few as some sort of misconduct on the part of the man however this is now how mating is many times accomplished by all sorts of men with experienced as well as inexperienced women. The man not only knows but determines WHEN he will fuck a woman. This further indicates what has always been. It is not for woman to consent ; rather it is for her to COMPLY.

    Fundamentally, it is commonly referred to as her mandate, [or more specifically] her feminine mandate.

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