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    Straight Male / 29

    I'm ball deep on my black masters cock typing my confession as he's instructed. Another white guy turned to the dark side.

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    Well done, pussyboi. Make sure he comes deep inside and breeds you.
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    I've just recently received a black man. I'd thought about it but was scared even though my best friend's been doing it. He dared me to let his friend "breed me," so I said okay and I let um. It was so big that it hurt, but when his seed squirted inside of my butt it kinda started feeling good. By the time I got home my underpants was all sticky and gunked up full of his stuff leaking into um. I've done it twice more since the first time.
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    I think just about all of us loving having a big black cock in our mouth -- or up our ass. It's kinda special meat. Enjoy. 75 years old, married, and love cock.
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    I was fifteen when I sat down on my first black cock. He works with my dad and noticed me checking out his bulge when I was in middle school. My best friend and I had been experimenting and had been sucking each other through the fly out of our tighty-whitie underpants. It was my friend who told me that black guys like white boys, so I naturally became interested.

    My dad and him had been drinking beer all throughout the game, Mom had gone to bed and dad nodded off. I'd innocently enough went downstairs for a snack in just my underpants and sleepshirt top. Ben of course noticed my cute well shaped boyish ass and remarked that 'if he was my age he'd be tapping that ass!" I blushed and giggled, before I knew it my pouty twinky tween's lip's were wearing his cock. This continued almost weekly till I took the precoscously promiscuous first move. I climbed up on it!
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    Oh nice you queer pussyboi. Let him fuck you like the pathetic sissy queer that you really are.

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