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    Straight Female / 30

    I was a flight attendant with a major airline. I was in an automobile accident, with serious injuries and I lost my job. A pilot friend took me in. I wasn't able to do very much because I was on crutches, and then I got a bone infection and had to be operated on. The other driver's insurance paid the hospital bills, but he paid all of my other bills, including paying off my credit cards.

    The problem was that he was 53 and I was 23. One day after my operation I was sitting in my wheelchair and he stood in front of me and told me I needed to be the 'woman' of the house. I was too stupid to even be able to understand what he meant.

    He told me I could live with him and he would continue to support me, but he expected me to be the 'woman'. It was several more months before I could walk with a cane and drive and get out. Getting a job wasn't something he wanted me to do, he told me to go to school instead. I was well enough that I had to take care of everything woman living with him. Including sleeping with him, which is what he meant when he told me that I had to be the 'woman'.

    I am 30, I don't have a job, I went to school and got an associates in Sociology, he is 60 so he is retiring, and he wants to travel with me. I don't really like to travel, I like staying home, my home has become what I like to do, I am a good decorator and we have a very stylish and warm home. We entertain, our friends, many of them from the airline, enjoy coming to our home and compliment me on how good he looks. They know it is because I take care of him.

    It is hard to think of our difference in age. I am open to having a child, he is worried because even if he has one now, he will be 80 when the child is in college. I don't want to think like that, he is healthy and active and the clock ticks for both of us, instead of going on a world tour, I could go on and have a couple of kids. There are other couples in our group much like us, older with younger women, and the women tell me that having kids keeps their husbands young.

    When I close my eyes, I see two little girls waiting on breakfast with their daddy, while I make the pancakes. I just can't get excited about going to Cambodia.

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