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    Straight Male / 30

    Iâm a long separated man in the transition of divorce or getting back with my family. I brought this situation on myself by not keeping a job and not doing much to help my family. I rent a cheap apartment which was a old motel. At least we had an old pool to relax and get some sun. I had made friends with this young couple. The husband worked mostly every day. His wife is very attractive but was mentally slow but looks normal. I work evening shift now so during the morning I go out to the pool to hang out. She comes out to the pool often. She wears a black bikini which is old and fits loose. I was hornie one day so I decided to make a move on her. She waded in the pool and came out and sit in a lounge chair. I went over and had small talk with her. She said she forgot her suntan lotion. I asked her to come into my apartment where I had some. She followed me and came inside. I got my lotion and put some on my hands and rubbed it on her back and shoulders. I reached around and put my hand under her top and massaged her breast. I gave her a standing massage ending with a long pussy rub. She finally said thanks for the lotion. I then lay on the bed with her and went down on her. She finally got sexually excited so I started having sex with her. She has good pussy but didnât participate much. We had a good orgasm together. After that day she was faithful to come to my apartment and have sex with me. She got much better and developed sex skills. One day I asked her what kind of birth control does she use. She said her husband pulls out or uses a condom. I had cum inside her many times and new she was probably pregnant. They found out she was so pregnant and moved in with her parents to help her care for the baby. I feel guilty now for what I did because of her slow mind. I donât think she even knows I probably fathered her baby.

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    We all would have mad a bab in her

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