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    I need some advice. I've been married for sixteen years to a man I still love, and I know he loves me. We have one daughter. I suppose I should confess that about 11 years ago over some months I took quite a lot of money out of his account without telling him to give to some of my relations who had money troubles. Stupid really, as he found out about it anyway, obviously, and he had already been quite generous with some of my relations previously. Well, anyway, fast forward to now. I found out that he has been having an affair with a girl we know that is much younger than him. He tried to deny it at first, but then realised it would be better if we were both honest about everything. But what he said absolutely stunned me. When he found out about me taking the money (it was in the region of four thousand dollars) he felt devastated that the trust between us had been betrayed, as he saw it, and there was an 18 year old employee, much younger than him, who was making it very clear that she would welcome his advances. So he bean an affair with her, that lasted four years. Following that another girl that worked with him also let him screw her a couple of times. I'd actually suspected that but he lied his way out of it quite convincingly. Then three years ago another much younger woman came to work for him. We'd known her since she was fourteen, and they began an affair which is the one I found out about.
    He says that's it, there's nothing else to tell, and I believe him, but I never thought in a thousand years that he was the type to do something like this. I know he's had many, many other chances that he's always passed up (so have I, for that matter). He tells me that all he wants is for us to be happy - and I believe him, because we still have quite a good love life. He said he felt I was getting remote from him, and it's true that I was very preoccupied by my job, and hardly spoke in the evenings when I came back from work. He even thought I was having an affair. I wasn't, but since we were being honest I admitted that I'd fantasised about doing so. He says he's not at all interested in this girl emotionally, and will never do this again with her or anyone else, as long as we remain close. He says he loves me, and thinks I'm beautiful, and I know that's true. I want to forgive him and tell him that all I want is the same - for us to be together and be happy.

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    Your account appears legitimate & credible thus ; if you are being totally transparent regarding what allegedly occurred, in lieu of seeking advice on this website full of scumbags & fools you should find a method for getting reliable advice from a licensed, professional therapist or counselor. Unlike many, your relationship appears to be worth it. THAT is the only advice I would offer you.
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    Thank you #1. I suppose that's what I wanted to hear really. I agree there are many scumbags and fools on this site, and I suppose you're right that I should have trust, even though it's never easy since he's admitted three affairs. But I love him, and he loves me, and finally, that's what will matter most rather than feelings of resentment I suppose.

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